Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Seat Alerts Now Available To All Travelers Worldwide Via www.

This appears to be a very useful tool to gain access to better airline flight seating. If you try it please report back to this blog with your results.® announced today that its award-winning Seat Alerts® feature will now be available free to any traveler interested in changing their middle seat to a window or aisle seat.  Available exclusively through ExpertFlyer, Seat Alerts will also allow travelers to set an alert on a flight that is completely booked and will alert them via text or email if a seat becomes available on that flight.  ExpertFlyer's Seat Alerts feature currently monitors more than 120 airline carriers worldwide.

A free Seat Alerts account can be created at and will allow travelers to maintain one active Seat Alert at a time.  Once a Seat Alert has found a better seat or the flight has departed, a new Seat Alert can be created.  This is ideal for casual travelers who only have one flight where they may be stuck in a bad seat at any given time.  Additional active alerts can be purchased for $.99 and paid subscribers to ExpertFlyer will be able to set several alerts at one time at no additional cost.

"Seat Alerts is the fastest and easiest way for travelers to get out of the dreaded middle seat or even find a seat on a flight that is completely booked," explains Chris Lopinto, president and co-founder of  "Seat Alerts is a unique feature not offered anywhere else and wanted travelers at all levels to experience a more enjoyable flight whenever possible."

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