Friday, February 10, 2012

If Considering Flying While Pregnant, Here Are Safety Tips You Should Consider Provided By Cheapflights.Com....

When is the best time to fly? According to the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, air travel is safest for pregnant women during the second trimester-weeks 18-24.  According to Colleen Lanin of " In the first trimester you may be too nauseated to enjoy your time away. In the third trimester you may be too uncomfortable and not feel up for doing much of anything"

Each airline has its own rules for flying while pregnant so be sure to check the airline's web sites or specifically inquire when researching your travels to ensure you get special attention. It is also worth upgrading to business class if possible since traditional "extra legroom' seats like those on exit isles are often restricted to those who are pregnant.

Other important tips to consider:

 *Travel with a companion whom has your emergency contact info including                
   your doctor's number programmed into their phone.

  *Carry documentation with your expected delivery date, doctor info, and
     blood type

.  *Stay hydrated since dehydration can be worse while pregnant. Therefore
     drink plenty  of caffeine-free drinks prior, during and after your flight.

    *Skin is more sensitive during pregnancy so wear ample sun screen,
      especially when traveling to the tropics.

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