Friday, October 26, 2012

Airport Lost and Found Reunites Travelers with Long-Lost Items From More Than 10,000 Airports and Airlines,

 With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, air travel in the United States is expected to surge. The last two weeks of December typically see tens of millions of people boarding planes for domestic and international travel. Naturally, more people moving through airport terminals mean more opportunity for items of value to be lost or forgotten. Airport Lost and Found( offers a solution to the perennial problem of lost item recovery. As a global and fully integrated system, Airport Lost and Found boasts a 78% success rate in returning a wide range of valuables to their rightful owners.
Airport Lost and Found connects the lost and found divisions of more than 9,000 airports and 900 airlines across the world, including eateries, shopping outlets and other commercial spaces inside airport terminals. When an airline passenger realizes that he has misplaced something of value, he can navigate to the Airport Lost and Found website and make a claim. The website's interface allows for the entry of as much detail as the user can provide. Generally, more information raises the odds of quick recovery. Once a claim is submitted, the process of matching that claim against the database begins.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Exofficio Is Best Clothing For Travel & Adventure; Stylish, Quick Drying, And Sun Protection

Experienced travelers seek to look great yet limit the needed clothing to take on our travels. Exofficio produces technical clothing for men and women that easily goes from an active day to cocktail hour. Our favorite offering is their Air Strip Shirt, seen worn by international news corespondents. The Air Strip Shirt
is stylish, wrinkle resistant, quick drying, ventilated, wicking, has a security pocket,  has built-in 30+ UVA and UVB protection, and a button-down collar designed to fold up to protect your neck and accommodate a tie; everything one would want for a travel garment. Their Nio Amphi line of pants is light weight, features
the same 30+ sun protection, is quick drying, and is water and stain resistant. Their Women's Sol Cool Collection of shirts and dresses adds additional sun protection of 50+, also quick drying,
wicking, and odor resistant.

For on-line ordering and retailers offering Exofficio please visit or call 800-644-7303