Thursday, June 13, 2013 Predicts Summer Travels To Europe Could Lead To Refund Compensations Of $32 Million

Passengers reaching Europe 4 hours late can each be eligible for compensations of $400 to $800
The months of June, July and August account for nearly 1/3 of yearly incidents claimable under EU regulation EC 261/2004
Passengers can claim compensations up to 6 years retroactively[1], the international service provider which helps passengers claim their right to monetary compensation for flight delays, cancellations, diversions and missed connections, estimates that passengers from the US suffering these types of occurrences while flying to, from and within Europe this summer could claim as much as $32 million in compensation. Affected passengers can be eligible for up to $800 each and are offered a hassle-free solution to claim their right through
Regulation EC 261/2004 states that all flights out of the EU as well as those into the EU and operated by a European carrier are eligible for monetary compensation of up to $800 if the final destination is reached with a delay of more than 4 hours. The sting of long delays, cancellations, diversions or missed connections can at least be eased by substantial compensations ranging from $400 to $800.[2] All flights within the EU also fall under the scope of this regulation.
Additionally, passengers who have suffered during their travels in past years can claim their right to compensation up to 6 years retroactively, depending on the country in which the incident took place.  
To file a complaint, the affected passenger quickly fills out an online form, and handles the process from there. The customer is only required to pay a 25% commission (plus statutory VAT) only if the claim is settled successfully. This allows passengers to avoid the complicated and time-consuming bureaucratic process and claim up to $800 simply by entering their flight and other data in the Advanced Business Logic (ABL) of the cloud-based system. 
The breakthrough online system was recently awarded the Top Sabre Red Appy Award which recognizes the innovative business idea and its design for the Sabre Red Workspace, used by travel agents to shop for and book travel, and the efforts of in making passenger rights more transparent and accessible.
50 million passenger trips between the US and Europe
With the summer holidays around the corner, a number of travelers will surely be heading to the Old Continent. Each year, nearly 50 million passenger trips take place between the US and Europe, with the summer months representing an important peak in travels.
The UK is the most popular destination abroad for the American traveler, with more than 8 million trips operated yearly from the US to the UK by EU carriers[3]. Germany ranks second with just under 5 million trips, followed by France with 3 million. Each trip, if delayed by more than 4 hours, could be eligible for up to $800. This extends to cancellations, missed connections and diverted flights.
Last year, 17.1% of all flights operated by US carriers experienced late departures.[4]
About is an international service provider that helps passengers enforce their claims to compensation for flight delays, cancellations and missed connections quickly and easily. Thanks to its specially developed, high-precision Advanced Business Logic System (ABL) system, claims can be submitted through the website or the free mobile app. can quickly enforce claims of up to $800 according to EU Regulation 261/2004.
This start-up created in August 2012 has made it its mission to make passenger rights worldwide transparent and attainable. Under its current services, also helps bus, ship and rail passengers file and enforce their claims under the relevant EU regulations (EU 181/11, EU 1177/10, EU 1371/07), and in the future will provide service for mishandled luggage according to the principles of the Montreal Convention. With regard to air travel, passenger rights have been enforced for hundreds of customers in over 50 countries from 5 continents and 131 airlines and 252 airports. The corporate headquarters of are located in Potsdam.

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