Friday, July 5, 2013

For Animal Lovers Traveling To Germany: Lufthansa's Frankfurt Animal Lounge - An Exclusive Domain For Animals

 The world's most modern animal station is the Frankfurt Animal Lounge and its "hotel rooms" for all kinds of animals. In their animal facility, handling, animal co-ordination and veterinary examinations work together under one roof in a 4,000 m2 area. The facility is fitted with non-slip asphalt floors which are more pleasant and comfortable for animals than traditional concrete. The loading area is protected against the weather. Their experts will provide the best possible care for your animal shipment.

The export, import, and transit areas are separated from each other by built-in partitions. Thanks to this separation, all contact between animals being exported and those being imported can be avoided. These individual areas can be further sub-divided into different sections to ensure that animals can be shielded from the sight and sound of others. In addition, live ornamental fish can be examined under black light and in case of emergency, supplied with oxygen. A total of 42 large animal stalls with up to 28 square metres, 39 small animal boxes, special aviaries and 18 individual, temperature-adjustable climatic chambers provide space for a variety of species. Some stalls can be divided flexibly if required - for mares with foals, for example. And for attendants accompanying animals, we have built an additional bathroom.

The Frankfurt Animal Lounge meets the latest safety requirements, too - because for us safety is the quality benchmark of a thorough transport process and a key part of our company philosophy. The whole facility is therefore protected by surveillance cameras, entry is permitted to authorized personnel only.

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