Monday, September 16, 2013

Interlaken Switzerland: Autumn Experiences And Winter Magic

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The golden autumn and the first winter days in Interlaken open up new perspectives for you: after a hike led by an expert guide, you’ll suddenly see the incomparable region between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz through completely different eyes: folklore societies reveal themselves from an unusual angle and give an insight into their rehearsals. The view from the new vantage platform on the Stockhorn mountain sweeps across Lake Thun and the Swiss Mittelland as far as the Jura and the glass floor lets you gaze down into the rocky depths. These and other experiences are waiting behind the scenes for you to discover them.

A backstage look at folklore

In Interlaken, yodelling choirs and national-costume groups are a natural part of any fest. Listening to the perfectly pitched voices and watching the nimble-footed dancers, it’s easy to forget that a lot of work goes on behind the folklore scenes. This work can now be seen: from September to November, singers, dancers, flag throwers and alphorn players invite you to visit their rehearsals and get a glimpse backstage.

Stockhorn – as far as the eye can see

Right next to the Panorama Restaurant, a tunnel leads to the new panorama platform in the Stockhorn north face. The spectacular new vantage platform with a glass floor provides some thrilling moments. It offers up a magnificent unimpaired view of Thun, Lake Thun, the Aare and Gürbe valley, the Swiss central plateau through to the Jura and, on clear days, right to the southern Black Forest.

Kunstnacht (Art Night) Brienz, 2 November 2013

The Brienz Rothorn Railway depot becomes a gallery, the cinema screens art films instead of blockbusters and the woodworking and carving workshops are on overtime. Cultural creativity in Brienz is in the spotlight during the Kunstnacht, enhanced by an enthralling mix of traditional and modern music.

Touch the Mountains, 1  January 2014

On the day after the traditional end-of-the-year activities Interlaken likes to put on yet another dazzling display! A spectacular firework display is lit on the Höhematte. Folklore groups, bell ringers and various other festi-vities drum up a wonderful atmosphere along Interlaken’s  promenade. There is also an open-air concert featuring first-rate performers.All in all – a great way to usher in the New Year!

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