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Travelore Tips: Top 10 Tastes Of Australia Outside Australia

Contributed by Kara Segedin 
Despite (or maybe because of) their location Down Under, Australians are some of the world’s most intrepid travelers. As they make their way across the globe, many have taken a little slice of Oz with them.
In honor of Australia Day, the Cheapflights team has selected 10 of the best places around the world where you can experience a taste of Australia.
What exactly do we mean by a taste of Australia? We’re talking about fresh food, native ingredients, international influences, fusion cooking, meat pies cooked with the flakiest pastry and coffee brewed to perfection – not a cork hat, didgeridoo or shrimp on the barbie in sight.
Okay, there may be a few shrimp…

KO Catering & PiesBoston, Mass., United States

Classic Aussie Pie. Photo by KO Catering & Pies
Classic Aussie Pie. Photo by KO Catering & Pies
East Boston store. Photo by KO Catering & Pies
East Boston store. Photo by KO Catering & Pies
Since 2010, the team at KO Catering & Pies has been serving up Australian cuisine to the people of Boston in the form of sandwiches, salads, burgers, sausage rolls and, of course, pies.
Along with the classic mince and mince and cheese pies, KO also creates several unique flavor combinations, including curried vegetable and Irish beef stew, and offers a tasty selection of Southern Hemisphere treats such as lamingtons, Anzac biscuits and pavlova.
With stores in South and East Boston you’re never too far away from a pie fix. While you‘re there, ex-pats (and taste aficionados) should remember to stock up on all the pantry essentials – Tim Tams, Milo and Vegemite.

KaffeineLondon, England

Coffee perfection. Photo by Kaffeine
Coffee perfection. Photo by Kaffeine
Cheesy-Mite (Cheese and Vegemite) scrolls. Photo by Kaffeine
Cheesy-Mite (Cheese and Vegemite) scrolls. Photo by Kaffeine
Banana Bread. Photo by Kaffeine
Banana Bread. Photo by Kaffeine
Lammingtons. Photo by Kaffeine
Lamingtons. Photo by Kaffeine
Kaffeine, London. Photo by Kaffeine
Kaffeine, London. Photo by Kaffeine
Many in the know will agree the best coffee in London is often brewed at the hands of Antipodean baristas, and the team at Kaffeine brews some of the best.
Australia has a highly evolved coffee culture that borders on obsession and is more developed than the scene enjoyed by their cousins in America and Britain.
Small independent coffee houses are favored over large international chains and (with a little help from the kiwis) they created the pinnacle of coffee perfection – the flat white.
Despite being only two minutes from the shopping chaos of Oxford Circus, the vibe at Kaffeine is distinctly laid-back Australian. You’ll most likely be there for the coffee, but the menu is definitely worth a look too. It  changes regularly to make the most of what produce is in season with Australian favorites popping up all over the place.
If sampling the fare isn’t enough, you could always sign up for one of Kaffeine’s popular coffee courses where you can learn to create your own latte art.

Uluru Bistro, Armagh, Northern Ireland

Photos of Uluru Bistro, Armagh
Uluru Bistro courtesy of TripAdvisor
Named after the famous natural wonder, Uluru Bistro produces good clean food with an Australian twist.
Run by Sydney ex-pats Dean and Sara Coppard, the menu features Aussie-style meals (even a bit of kangaroo) and an extensive range of Australian wine and beers.
The only Australian restaurant in Northern Ireland, Uluru was recently named Armagh’s Restaurant of the Year.

Crossfield’s Australian PubVienna, Austria

Burgers. Photo by Crossfield’s Australian Pub
Burgers. Photo by Crossfield’s Australian Pub
Breakfast at Crossfield’s Australian Pub. Photo by Crossfield’s Australian Pub
Breakfast at Crossfield’s Australian Pub. Photo by Crossfield’s Australian Pub
Photos of Crossfield's Australian Pub, Vienna
This photo of Crossfield’s Australian Pub is courtesy of TripAdvisor
A noteworthy Aussie Pub in the heart of Vienna? Despite the slightly Ockerdécor, this isn’t one of the tacky themed bars like the so-called Irish Pubs that pop up all over the world.
Stop by for a big breakfast or a simple plate of Vegemite on toast, burgers, barbecued meats (including kangaroo and croc), seafood and pub snacks.
Oh, and they’re hosting their very own Australia Day party this year.

Reef N’ BeefCopenhagen, Denmark

Crocodile Wonton. Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor
Crocodile Wonton. Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor
Surf n Turf. Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor
Surf n Turf. Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor
For more than 20 years, Reef N’ Beef has been bringing Australian fusion cuisine to the people of Copenhagen.
Combining more traditional fare with unusual flavors from the rainforest and outback, Reef N’ Beef creates a fine dining experience in the form of tender Australian steaks, fresh seafood and crocodile and kangaroo prepared in a wonderfully unique fashion. Poached crocodile wonton with Tasmanian saffron, kaffir lime leaves emulsion and grated combava anyone?
As a supporter of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Reef N’ Beef gifted Danish Princess Isabella her own piece of Australian-preserved wilderness as a christening gift (her mother, Princess Mary, is Australian).

Peaked Pies, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Chocolate lamington. Photo by Peaked Pies
Chocolate lamington. Photo by Peaked Pies
A 'topped' pie. Photo by Peaked Pies
A “topped” pie. Photo by Peaked Pies
Classic Pie. Photo by Peaked Pies
Classic Pie. Photo by Peaked Pies
Vanilla Slice. Photo by Peaked Pies
Vanilla Slice. Photo by Peaked Pies
Though they’re usually enjoyed in a warmer climate, a steaming hot meat pie certainly makes the perfect accompaniment to a chilly Whistler winter, especially if you’ve just come off the slopes.
Founded by Kerri and Alex, an Aussie pie-lover and Canadian baker, Peaked Pies has brought classic Aussie pie flavors like mince and steak along with variety of specialty flavors to the Whistler Main Street.
For a little something extra you can add a peak to your pie in the form of mashed potatoes, mushy peas and gravy.
In keeping with its Aussie roots, Peaked is hosting its very own pie eating contest for Australia Day.

Federal CaféBarcelona, Spain

Photo by Federal Café
Photo by Federal Café
Photo by Federal Café
Photo by Federal Café
Photo by Federal Café
Photo by Federal Café
Every weekend hungry souls all over Australia wander down the road and jump into cars to visit their favorite cafe or hunt down new finds in search of the perfect brunch.
The tradition of weekend – especially Sunday – brunch fits perfectly with Australia’s chilled-out style and coffee culture, and this leisurely morning meal would seem the perfect addition to Spain’s laid-back lifestyle.
Bringing brunch to Barcelona, where breakfast is usually little more than a coffee and a few sweet somethings, is the team at Federal Café — named after a small town halfway between Possum Creek and Goonengerry in Northern New South Wales.
Depending on how you’re feeling that morning, wash everything down with a flat white or a Bloody Mary.

Antipodean Café, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Photo by Antipodean Café
Photo by Antipodean Café
Photo by Antipodean Café
Photo by Antipodean Café
Photo by Antipodean Café
Photo by Antipodean Café
Sticking to brunch, but shifting continents, Antipodean Café in Bangsar works hard to produce an antipodean style café food menu.
BLTs, sourdough sandwiches and a display case stuffed full of freshly baked cakes, cookies, pies and banana bread – everything you’d expect to find in an Australian café.
Short listed for Best for Coffee in the Time Out KL Food Awards over the past three years, the café’s popularity means it’s usually packed on weekends, but even if you have to line up, it’s well worth the wait.

The Espy, Edinburgh, Scotland

This photo of The Espy is courtesy of TripAdvisor
This photo of The Espy is courtesy of TripAdvisor
This photo of The Espy is courtesy of TripAdvisor
This photo of The Espy is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Photo by The Espy
Photo by The Espy
The Scottish sands of Portobello might look a little different than the Aussie beachside, but The Espy’s view along Edinburgh’s seafront is no less impressive.
The menu changes daily but always features the fresh, clean style of cooking familiar to diners from Down Under. You can even pick up a classic Chicken Parma at its sister venue 52 Canoes.
Join the crew at Espy for a combination Australia Day/Burns Night celebration on  Jan. 25 with meat raffles, an iron man run, pub quiz, live music and a space hopper race.

Melbourne CanteenBerlin, Germany

Photo by Melbourne Canteen
Photo by Melbourne Canteen
Photo by Melbourne Canteen
Bloody Mary. Photo by Melbourne Canteen
Bloody Mary. Photo by Melbourne Canteen
Corn Fritters. Photo by Melbourne Canteen
Corn Fritters. Photo by Melbourne Canteen
The Melbourne Canteen brings a taste of Victoria’s well known foodie capital to Berlin.
The two cities already share a vibrant arts and culture scene so the Melbourne dining style should fit right in.
From breakfast to after-dinner cocktails, share a pizza or a selection of fusion tapas with drinks. Try the corn fritters with bacon and avocado, Vegemite on toast, cheese and parma croquettes, sausage rolls and the egg and bacon Aussie pizza.
Along with a collection of great coffees, their Bloody Mary is said to be one of Berlin’s best.
(Main image: KO Catering & Pies)

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