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New Exhibition At Warsaw's Jewish History Museum Shows Pre-Holocaust Jewish Life When Population Was 3,500,000, Now 20,000

Contributed by Monica Scislowska, AP.

Visitors walk through a new exhibition by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, in Warsaw, Poland, on Thursday, March 27, 2014. The exhibition that will run through June 30 documents Jewish life in Warsaw before the Holocaust.(AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)
Old films, music recordings and everyday objects are among items that recreate the atmosphere of Jewish life in Warsaw until World War II in a new exhibition at Warsaw's Jewish history museum.
The "Warszawa, Warsze" - "Warsaw" in Polish and Yiddish - exhibition opens Friday at the new Museum of the History of Polish Jews, and will run through June 30. In sections dedicated to writers, artists, family sagas and daily life it shows how the Jews and the city interacted, influencing and enriching each other. The loss of Jewish Warsaw is best shown in pictures comparing some sites as they are now - modern hotels and streets - with the low, old-style architecture of their Jewish times.

"We want to show this melting pot of the two cultures," Katarzyna Nowakowska-Sito, a museum deputy director, told a news conference Thursday.

Until the Holocaust, Warsaw had the world's second-largest Jewish community, after New York, Nowakowska-Sito said. One in three of the 1.5 million Warsaw residents was Jewish.
"The exhibition shows the dual character that the city had until 1939, when the Jewish part of it started to vanish," she said.

The multimedia core exhibition is to open later this year in the impressive modern building and will document in detail the thousand-year-long history of the vibrant Jewish life and culture in Poland that influenced all of the Jewish diaspora.

The museum building -largely funded by Poland's government and located on territory that was the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II - is already open to visitors, serving as a cultural and educational center offering films and lectures.

Some 3.5 million Jews lived in Poland before the war. Most of them were killed in the Holocaust, under the Nazi occupation. Many survivors fled under communist-sponsored anti-Semitic propaganda in the late 1960s.

The Jewish presence has been rebuilt since Poland shed communism in 1989, but the Jewish population of the country is still estimated at only around 20,000.

Travelore Update: Due To Pilots’ Strike Lufthansa Has canceled Most Of Its Flights For Wednesday, Thursday And Friday; April 2nd, 3rd, & 4th.

A strike on three consecutive days would be one of the biggest walkouts in Lufthansa’s history.  More than 425,000 passengers are likely to be affected. Pilots of the Group airlines: Swiss International Air Lines, Austrian AirlinesBrussels Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa CityLine and Air Dolomiti are not participating in the strike.

 Due to the strike announced by the pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and Germanwings have canceled approximately 3,800 flights on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (April 2–4). During the three day walkout of the cockpit crew, only about 500 Lufthansa short and long haul flights will be operated. The list of canceled flights is published on Information for Germanwings passengers is available on

Flight cancellations on such a massive scale will affect a total of 425,000 passengers. Lufthansa will inform all passengers who have registered their contact details in their booking or in their Miles & More profile about flight changes via text message and email. Most of the remaining domestic and European flights will be flown by the daughter companies, Eurowings and Lufthansa Cityline, whose pilots are not participating in the walkout.

In addition to Lufthansa Passenger Airlines, Lufthansa Cargo will also be affected. For the three strike days, 23 of 31 planned cargo flights from Frankfurt have already been canceled.

The pilots of the daughter companies, Swiss International Air Lines, Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa CityLine and Air Dolomiti, as well as the pilots of Brussels Airlines, will not participate in the strike. Where possible, these companies will use larger planes on routes from and to Germany in order to bring as many rebooked Lufthansa passengers as possible to their destinations.

Additionally, Lufthansa will re-book affected passengers on other airlines and will provide train tickets on domestic routes in cooperation with German Railways (Deutsche Bahn). Airline tickets can be exchanged for a train ticket at automated check-ins or on the Internet. Information on how to exchange Germanwings flight tickets for train tickets is available

For further questions Lufthansa customers in the United States can also use the toll free service telephone number: 1-800-645-3880. Toll free numbers for other countries can be found at Already since last Friday, passengers can re-book or cancel flights at no cost for the period of April 2-4, 2014.

“I greatly regret that the Vereinigung Cockpit is not prepared to settle this by negotiations and to find a solution without engaging in a labor dispute. We made good offers for an improved salary as well as a future provision for early leave from flight service,” said Dr. Bettina Volkens, Member of the Executive Board Legal and Personnel of the Lufthansa Group. “Based on this, it is difficult to understand that the VC union is calling for a three-day strike right away - both for our customers and the more than one hundred thousand colleagues of the other Lufthansa employee groups. We will do our best to care for our customers during the strike. I want to thank in advance all employees that will go above and beyond what is normal and give their best for our customers and for the Company,” Volkens added.

Lufthansa is preparing a number of actions to minimize the impact, as far as possible, on its passengers. For example, in Frankfurt and Munich additional employees will be in the terminal to take care of passengers. In the Lufthansa service centers, capacities were already significantly increased. Passengers are requested to visit and check the status of their flight before leaving for the airport.

In total, a three-day pilot strike would alone, for Lufthansa German Airlines, have a negative impact on profit in the range of tens of millions of euros. The announcement has already caused significant damages since passengers have already rebooked flights and logistic customers have made arrangements with other cargo airlines to secure the transport of their goods.

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Travelore Tips: 20 Free Things To Do In Tokyo

Contributed by 

Simon Richmond

Exploring the Big Sushi is a mind-blowing experience, but one that can also blow your budget. Don’t despair  there’s an abundance of things to do and see in Tokyo which don’t cost a single yen and won’t leave you feeling short-changed on the best of this hyper-active, multi-faceted metropolis.
Decorative battledore paddle, stall on Nakamise-dori, Asakusa, Tokyo. Image by Simon Richmond / Lonely PlanetDecorative battledore paddle, stall on Nakamise-dori, Asakusa, Tokyo. Image by Simon Richmond / Lonely Planet.

1. Jog or pedal around the Imperial Palace

Slip on your sneakers and join the joggers following the broad moats and park paths that surround the Imperial Palace. On Sundays there are also 250 free bikes offered for pedaling along the Palace Cycling Course (

2. Cast your bid for Tsukiji

Want to witness the famous tuna auctions? Then set your alarm for well before 5am when registration for the maximum of 120 daily viewing places starts. Check the website ( before setting off as the market doesn’t operate every day.

3. Visit Senso-ji

Follow in the footsteps of countless pilgrims by approaching Senso-ji, Tokyo’s most famous Buddhist temple, in Asakusa, along Nakamise-dori lined with colourful stalls selling all manner of souvenirs from giant rice crackers to exquisitely decorated battledores.

4. Explore Harajuku

Also great eye candy is Harajuku. Stroll ginko-tree lined Omotesando, a glam boulevard of upscale boutiques housed in contemporary architecture; check out the arty explosion at funky Design Festa Gallery (; pose and dance along with the youth subcultures around Yoyogi Park.

5. Chill out in Meiji-Jingu

When Harajuku threatens sensory overload, escape to the densely wooded grounds that envelope the capital’s premier Shinto shrine. Come on festival days to spot guys and gals in gorgeous kimono.

6. Oh my, Odaiba!

This island of reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay is linked to the city by the Rainbow Bridge. Walk over the 918-metre-long single-span suspension bridge to or from Odaiba where, weather permitting, you can sunbathe on a man-made beach and view a scale copy of the Statue of Liberty.
Copy of Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge in the background, Odaiba, Tokyo. Image by Simon Richmond / Lonely PlanetCopy of Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge in the background, Odaiba, Tokyo. Image by Simon Richmond / Lonely Planet.

7. Learn origami

Lessons in the art of paper folding are offered gratis at the Origami Kaikan where you can also view artisans making washi (Japanese paper) in myriad shades and patterns.

8. Cross at Shibuya

Every few minutes a wave of humanity swarms across Shibuya Crossing. An ideal vantage point is the bridge corridor linking Shibuya Station with the Shibuya Mark City complex. Here you can also view Myth of Tomorrow, a monumental piece of modern art by Okamoto Taro.

9. Advertising Museum Tokyo

One of the city’s most interesting free museums is ADMT ( The montage displays of old ads provide an illuminating visual history of commerce in Japan over the last century or so.

10. Be amazed by Akihabara

Diehard fans of Atom Boy, Evangelion and Gundam will want to swing by the Tokyo Anime Centre ( as part of their explorations of Akihabara (aka ‘Akiba’), geek central for electronic goods emporiums, ‘maid cafes’ and all things anime and manga.
[Tokyo-Anime] Tokyo Anime Centre, Akihabara, Tokyo. Image by Simon Richmond / Lonely PlanetTokyo Anime Centre, Akihabara, Tokyo. Image by Simon Richmond / Lonely Planet.

11. Contemporary art crawl

Based in a former junior high school, nearby Akihabara is 3331 Arts Chiyoda (, hosting a score of free contemporary art galleries offering a mix of exhibitions and interactive installations. Also worth searching out are the galleries of the Bakuchoro area, several of which including Taro Nasu Gallery ( are gathered in the Agata-Takezawa Building.

12. Political junkie tour

Art and anime not your thing? Then how about a free tour of Japan’s seat of governance, the National Diet Building (, to view the wood-panelled, leather-bound and gilded interiors and the gardens planted with species from across the country.

13. Flower power

More beautiful foliage and horticultural skills can be admired in Tokyo’s traditional gardens. Free ones include those attached to the New Otani Hotel in Akasaka and the Four Seasons Chinzan-so as well as the lush grounds of Happoen, near Shirokanedai Station.

14. Attend a festival

Every week (and sometimes daily) there’s a festival (matsuri) on somewhere in Tokyo – from cherry blossom viewing parties to fire walking and grand parades of costumed participants holding aloft mikoshi (portable shrines). For details of upcoming events see and
Hiwatarisai fire festival, Yakuo-in temple, Takao. Image by Simon Richmond / Lonely PlanetHiwatarisai fire festival, Yakuo-in temple, Takao. Image by Simon Richmond / Lonely Planet.

15. Amble around Yansen

The streets of Nezu, Yanaka and Sendagi – three areas collectively known as Yanasen – provide an idea of what pre-WWII Tokyo was like. Here you’ll find small temples and shrines, craft shops, galleries and cafes and Yanaka Cemetery, one of the city’s oldest graveyards. Interesting galleries include Oguraya in a former pawnbrokers, and SCAI The Bathhouse ( in a 200-year-old public bath.

16. Graze a depachika

The nickname for department store food halls is depachika. They’re mouthwatering places to explore and you can sate your appetite with the free samples on offer. Good ones to target include Isetan in Shinjuku, Mitsukoshi in Ginza and Takashimaya in Nihombashi.

17. Play with tomorrow’s technology

No need to resort to industrial espionage. Sony, Panasonic ( and Toyota all have public showrooms displaying their latest gadgets and technology. Sony’s showroom occupies a prominent corner in Ginza while Panasonic and Toyota set out their stall on Odaiba.

18. Rock around Roppongi

This fabled nightlife ‘hood is also a treat to explore in daylight. There’s plenty of public art scattered around the glitzy commercial complexes of Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown as well as dazzling contemporary architecture at the National Art Centre, Tokyo (

19. Feel squeamish

Need an excuse to get cosy with a loved (or potential loved) one? Then follow a Tokyo trend by escorting your squeamish partner on a date to the creepy Meguro Parasitological Museum displaying record-breaking tapeworms and gruesome photos of their victims.

20. Get high on an observation deck

Survey the city 202 metres above ground from the observation deck of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Come at dusk to catch spectacular sunsets and the city burst into neon-lit action.

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Travelore Tips: Where To Stay In Rio de Janeiro For The 2014 World Cup

It’s famous the world over for its spectacular beaches, stunning natural landscape, colorful street parties, and unrivalled passion for soccer, also known there as O Jogo Bonito ("The Beautiful Game"). But Rio de Janeiro’s huge appeal to soccer fans means that hotel accommodation is in short supply during the June–July FIFA World Cup. And where it is available, it comes at a staggering price.
World Cup fever means that finding affordable rooms poses a serious challenge for visitors to each of the 12 Brazilian host cities; in Rio, that challenge is magnified by the fact that, as the country’s tourist favorite, most international World Cup fans will visit even if their team isn’t playing in the city.


Hotel rooms in Rio are already among the most expensive in the world, and are now rising into the stratosphere for World Cup stays. For the duration of the tournament, which runs from June 12 through July 13, visitors can expect to pay around $450 per night for a no-frills double room in the vicinity of the famous beaches. Rooms with beach views are considerably more.
The city’s few true luxury hotels are already fully booked, despite charging upwards of $2000 per night. With a serious shortfall of hotel rooms to accommodate the expected 300,000 World Cup visitors to the city, many soccer fans are frantically searching for less exorbitant alternatives to hotels.


Cariocas, as natives of Rio are known, are renowned for their entrepreneurial spirit, and many are now offering rooms or entire homes for rent during the World Cup. Rental sites such as Airbnb have been a major success story in Rio, allowing savvy travelers to search by price bracket, location, and accommodation type according to their needs. (Options range from sofa-beds in locals’ downtown apartments, starting at around $50, to entire luxury Ipanema penthouses with pools, starting at around $1500.)  Potential guests can vet hosts and read comments from any previous guests, making Airbnb a relatively safe option for visiting soccer fans.
Insider Tip: Holiday apartments are another economical choice for longer stays. At the Fodor’s-recommended AlexRioFlats, week-long World Cup Packages at smart beachfront studios and apartments in Copacabana start at $4000 for up to 4 people.


For those who like their home comforts, Brazil’s pousadas—independently-run guest houses—are an enticing alternative to often charmless hotel rooms. A common complaint among Western visitors to Rio is that high prices are only rarely matched by high quality in the city’s hotels, but for those prepared to sacrifice a central location in return for lush tropical gardens, personalized service, and lots of charm, the country’s pousadas offer excellent standards. (Options range from simple guest houses to "boutique pousadas" and eco-lodges, and prices vary accordingly. As a rule of thumb, however, they offer vastly more bang for your buck than standard hotel rooms.
Insider Tip: Alison McGowan, a Rio-based Brit, runs the Brazil-wide website, which cherry-picks the best pousadas the country has to offer, in every price bracket.
McGowan recommends booking a pousada in a scenic location outside the host cities, where the World Cup spirit will not be lacking but the streets will not be swamped by tourist hordes. There are some truly lovely locations just a couple of hours from Rio, and indeed, all the World Cup host cities, from Manaus in the Amazon to Porto Alegre in the far South of Brazil. For those lucky enough to have scored tickets to a game, private transport on match day can usually be arranged. Close to Rio, McGowan recommends Vila do Mar, in the stylish beach resort of Buzios, or Pousada do Ouro, in the perfectly preserved historic town of Paraty.



For those prepared to venture a little farther off the beaten tourist track, truly unique accommodations can be found within the city’s once-infamous favelas, or slums. Formerly the bloodied terrain of heavily-armed drug factions, the majority of these urban developments have now been pacified by Rio’s military police. With power wrested from the violent gangs, the favelas are opening their doors to tourism, and home owners are offering rooms to rent during the soccer tournament. 
Elliot Rosenburg runs the favela rental agency Favela Experience, working with locals to offer beds, rooms, and entire homes to rent. He has already received many World Cup bookings and says, “As our prices are 50 percent below even youth hostels, our guests will save money while participating in a vibrant and welcoming side of Brazil.” As Rosenburg points out, a stay in a Rio de Janeiro favela offers an experience in the city that is simply not open to those immersing themselves in the beach zones.
Insider Tip: Favelas in Rio’s Zona Sul—the beautiful South Zone of the city, which encompasses the beaches of Ipanema, Copacabana and Leblon as well as leafy, upper-class suburbs such as Jardim Botanico and Lagoa—cling to the mountainsides, offering sweeping vistas that are unsurpassed by any hotel in the city.
For more info on the World Cup, visit our World Cup Fever guide.
Contributed by Lucy Bryson

Friday, March 28, 2014

TRAVELORE DESTINATION REPORT: The Samana Peninsula Of The Dominican Republic, One Of The Most Bio-Diverse Destinations In The Caribbean, Is An Outstanding Eco-Vacation Destination #GoDomRep

Christopher Columbus landed in the Dominican Republic in 1492 and it became the site of the first European settlement in the Americas and is the home to the first cathedral, castle, and monastery. The Republic occupies 7/8 of the island of Hispaniola, sharing the rest of the island with nation of Haiti.  By both size and population the Dominican Republic is only second to Cuba with 18,705 square miles and approximately 10 million people, 1 million of which live in the capital city of Santa Domingo.

The bio-diversity of the Dominican Republic including having the Caribbean's highest mountain peak, Pico Duarte, and lowest elevation makes it an outstanding Eco-destination. A recent trip afforded us the opportunity to visit the Samana Peninsula to experience some of the many nature friendly experiences offered including a tour of the Los Haitises National Park, a boat ride to Playa Rincon, a horse back ride and hike to the magnificent El Limon Waterfall, and a whale watching excursion.

The Los Haitises National Park is one of the islands main watersheds, a nature preserve covering an area of 1,242 square miles. Boat tours allow visitors to explore the the picturesque tropical rain forest,mangroves, cays and caves. Most impressive is the opportunity to explore the expansive ancient caves used by the Tainos that peacefully occupied the area for hundreds of years before the arrival of the Europeans. Their pre-Colombian drawings and petroglyphs are well preserved for viewing. Some of the caves are also believed to have served as temporary homes for pirates.

For beach lovers we recommend the water taxi, $20 per person or $60 per boat, to Playa Rincon. Playa Rincon has been ranked among the top beaches in the world with gentle waters, soft sand, quiet and a beautiful view of lush mountains in the distance. If you arrive at lunchtime lobster and fresh fish is on the grill, $20, best enjoyed with a Presidente beer.

PhotoA visit to the The El Limon Waterfall, one of the most beautiful falls we've experienced in the world, is highly recommended on your visit as long as you are moderately fit for the combination horse ride and hike that takes 30-40 minutes each way. The waterfall drops 130 feet from the top of the Sierra Samana, 1,000 feet above sea level. Be sure to wear your bathing suit for a refreshing swim and bring your camera to capture the magnificent falls and jungle views. Also recommended are Teva-like footwear since the rocks can be slippy.

Every Winter numerous 35-40 ton Humpback Whales come to the sheltered Samana Bay for mating providing an amazing opportunity to observe the males jumping as part of their mating ritual and to see the mothers and calves swimming side-by-side. Yellow flagged boats authorized by the Ministry of Environment observing strict rules provide 3-4 hour educational tours from January 15th through March 30th twice a day, 9am and 3pm. There is also a land observatory at Punta Balandra on the road to Las Galeras, marked by whale ribs at the beginning of the trail. Expect a cost ranging from $65 for a half day to $80 for a full day including lunch in Cayo Levantado.

PhotoA visit to nearby Las Terrenas is also recommended. You'll have an opportunity to explore local shops,
enjoy and purchase local art and enjoy local fresh seafood including fresh oysters in the small fish market on
the waterfront. The beach in Las Terrenas runs 5 miles along the northeastern coastline and is known for its
calm waters that are suitable for swimming.

In Las Terrenas we had our best meal in Samana at Porto at the Balcones del Atlantico, the newest luxury resort in the Dominican Republic with spacious Villa Suites featuring gourmet kitchens with Viking and Cuisinart appliances.  Recommended at Porto are their Fish Carpaccio with lemon pepper and olive oil and their grilled Certified Prime Angus Beef over grilled vegetables served with French fries, served with chimichurri sauce.

Click to open image!Click to open image!On our visit we stayed at the exceptional Bannister Hotel in the Puerto Bahia area of Samana, a member of the elite collection of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. It features 31 suites, along with kitchens, overlooking the beautiful Samana Bay. The property features a full array of restaurants, tennis courts, gym, swimming pools, and their Ni Spa. A water shuttle is provided for beach access. Their exceptional concierge services can arrange for all of your island excursions.

For more information about visiting the Dominican Republic please visit and for the Bannister Hotel, .

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Eco-Friendly Vacations In The Caribbean And Costa Rica Starting At $99 A Night

With Earth Day right around the corner, Hilton Worldwide offers travelers a chance to connect with nature and discover the pristine environments of the Caribbean and Costa Rica.  With amazing spring rates starting at US$99* per night, environmentally conscience guests can enjoy an eco-friendly vacation and create lasting memories at the following hotels and resorts.
The best part? Travelers can take their pick of Hilton Worldwide hotels located among some of the top 10 most affordable Caribbean destinations recently highlighted by TripAdvisor TripIndex.  For reservations or further information, visit

Eco Pic 4Guests are in for an invigorating eco-friendly experience while vacationing at the all-inclusive Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa (pictured left) – a Costa Rican paradise.  Nature lovers can enjoy morning walks and sunset hikes on the resort’s two hiking trails, and eco-focused services await at the world-class Spa Vida. For those looking to experience some of the area’s best natural attractions, the resort in Costa Rica offers kayaking and snorkeling at Playa Arenilla where guests may explore and interact with marine life.  With all-inclusive rates starting at $99 per person per night*, visit

Eco Pic 5Curaçao is also emerging as an ecotourism hotspot and Hilton Curaçao Resort – (pictured right) is a great choice for travelers looking for earth-friendly offerings and the chance to discover the wonders that exist under the sea. With an on-site diving program, guests can be at one with nature while vacationing at this beachfront resort in Curaçao – now offering the newest rooms on the island following a complete renovation.  Whether it’s diving, kayaking through the exceptional nature of Piscadera Bay or taking a nighttime dive to see corals in their natural vibrant colors emerge out of the sand, Hilton Curaçao Resort offers a memorable encounter with nature. With rates starting at $99 per night, visit

With an array of destinations to choose from, Hilton Worldwide features hotels and resorts located everywhere from pristine islands to cultural havens and city centers to ecological paradises throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.  Travelers can take advantage of great spring deals at the following hotels:

  •  British Colonial Hilton Nassau, The Bahamas – from $99
  • Hilton Curaçao Resort – from $99
  • Hilton Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – from $99
  • Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre - from $99
  • Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa, Jamaica – from $149 per person all-inclusive
  • Hilton Barbados Resort – from $179
 Costa Rica:
  • Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa - from $99 per person all-inclusive
  • DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Central Pacific, Costa Rica – from $89 per person all-inclusive
  • Hilton Garden Inn Liberia Airport, Costa Rica – from $69
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cariari San Jose, Costa Rica - from $99
  • Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton San Jose Airport, Costa Rica – from $106

 For reservations or further information, visit

*All-inclusive rates are per person per night based on double occupancy.  All rates listed are starting rates, subject to availability.  Certain restrictions apply.

Lufthansa Returns To Normal Service Immediately Following End Of Strike, Keeping Minimal Impact

Lufthansa kept impact on passengers to a minimum / No further strike effects in the coming days

 Immediately following the end of strike action at several airports in Germany, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group returned to normal flight operations. Lufthansa resumed its regular scheduled services at 2 p.m. The airline had already returned to normal operations at 1 p.m. at its Munich hub. All flights scheduled for this afternoon and this evening will depart as planned. No further strike effects are expected in the coming days.

The airlines of the Lufthansa Group were well prepared for the strike, releasing a special flight timetable at an early stage with significantly reduced capacities for the duration of the strike. Around 600 flights were cancelled. These measures, combined with the high level of commitment shown by Lufthansa staff, ensured that the airline was able to return to normal service much faster than in similar situations in the past.

Lufthansa's aim, at all times, was to minimize the impact that the airport strike had on its passengers. More than 50,000 passengers who were affected by the strike and had provided their contact details were informed of changes to the flight timetable by text message and email. Staffing levels in Lufthansa's call centers were increased on Tuesday. Lufthansa's website,, also provided passengers with detailed information about the status of their flights and alternative travel options.

Passengers flying with Lufthansa on Thursday to or from Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Hanover were able to rebook their tickets once at no extra charge. Customers whose flights were cancelled were able to cancel their bookings for free. Passengers within Germany also had the option of traveling by train with Deutsche Bahn, at no extra charge. At Frankfurt Airport, additional staff was on hand in the terminal to ensure the best-possible level of customer care.

Travelore Tips: Millennium Hotels Offers Special Spring Rates Across The U.S. With Their "Spring Blooms" Package, Starting At $99 A Night

This spring, Millennium Hotels across the U.S. encourage families to push winter jackets aside and spring into the warm-weather travel season with the Spring Blooms package. Magnolias in Manhattan, poppies in LA, and fresh snowmelt waterfalls in Boulder are just a few of our favorite things about spring. Let nature guide travelers to their favorite springtime moment this season!

Rates start at just $99/night (from $159 in major cities) for, and include: 
•    Overnight accommodations (minimum 2-night stay) with 10% off Best Flexible Rate
•    10% off food and beverage offerings
•    Complimentary WiFi
•    To book, please visit or call 1-866-866-8086 (booking code: SBLOOMS). Valid March 1 through May 31, 2014.

Colorado visitors can mingle with artists, food vendors and more at the Boulder Art and JazzFest in May, and enjoy Rocky Mountain views while staying at Millennium Harvest House Boulder. Guests of Millennium Knickerbocker Chicago can indulge in warmer-weather retail therapy at the hotel’s doorstep, and stroll Magnificent Mile featuring stores such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Cartier. With starting rates from $99 - $159 per night, travelers can explore these cities or Anchorage, Scottsdale, Nashville, Minneapolis and more without breaking the bank.

The Spring Blooms package is valid from March 1, 2014 to May 31, 2014.  For reservations, please visit or call 1-866-866-8086

*Wi-Fi not available in all hotels; complimentary wired connection provided where Wi-Fi is not available.

Travelore Tips: Guests Of Shangri-La And Kerry Hotels and Resorts Now Offered Complementary Digital Access To 2,500+ Local, Regional & International Publications

Guests and restaurant patrons of Shangri-La and Kerry Hotels and Resorts can now get unlimited, complimentary access to more than 2,500 local, regional and international publications from 100 countries in 60 languages with PressReader.

"We know how important it is for our guests to stay connected, which is why Shangri-La was the first international luxury hotel group to offer complimentary Internet access and the first to extend free Wi-Fi to hotel cars," said Greg Dogan, Shangri-La's president and CEO. "With the introduction of PressReader, not only will we offer more value to our guests, but we will do so in a way that is environmentally-friendly and contributes to sustainable operations."

To access the service, guests connect to the hotel Wi-Fi and go to or download the free PressReader app for Apple, Android, BlackBerry or Windows. Guests can then choose the desired country, language and publication from PressReader. The service will be available in all Wi-Fi accessible areas in Shangri-La and Kerry hotels and resorts as well as in Wi-Fi enabled hotel cars.  In addition to PressReader's digital service, Shangri-La will also offer print editions of select newspapers upon request.

"PressReader offers hotel guests convenient access to a portable newsstand where they can download full editions of their favorite international newspapers or magazines to their own device," said Igor Smirnoff, chief commercial officer for PressReader. "Guests can wake up and read their hometown paper in their native language from the comfort of their room, even before the issue hits their doorstep at home. We're proud to offer an eco-friendly newspaper and magazine service to meet the global needs of Shangri-La guests with the amount and selection of content we provide."

About Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, one of the world's premier hotel companies, currently owns and/or manages more than 80 hotels under the Shangri-La brand with a room inventory of over 34,000.  Over four decades the group has established its brand hallmark of 'hospitality from the heart.'  The group has a substantial development pipeline with upcoming projects in mainland China, India, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Qatar, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.  For more information and reservations, please contact a travel professional or access the website at

About PressReader

PressReader is an all-you-can-read digital newsstand that connects people through news. More than 30 million people use PressReader to read, share and talk about news. Full issues of 2,500+ global newspapers and magazines can be read online, in print or downloaded via the app. Complimentary access is offered at many libraries, hotels, corporate offices, airport lounges and other businesses, as well as on airlines and cruise lines worldwide. PressReader partners with more than 3,500 publishers in over 100 countries, helping them monetize their content and grow their global reach and readership across multiple channels and platforms.

For more information visit or, and follow us on TwitterFacebookLinkedInGoogle+ and Pinterest.

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Lufthansa Expects Significant Disruption On Thursday March 27th Due to Strike by Verdi, Making Every Effort To Reduce Impact On Its Passengers

Pay dispute involving public sector workers at German airports forces Lufthansa to cancel flights – airline publishes special flight schedule

Member airlines of the Lufthansa Group are expecting considerable disruption to air travel for tomorrow, Thursday March 27th. The reason is a token strike organized by Verdi. According to media reports, this is likely to involve 6,000 Fraport workers at Frankfurt airport alone. Services are also likely to be disrupted at airports in Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne-Bonn, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Hanover. As a result of the strike, Lufthansa is canceling almost all domestic and European flights previously scheduled for tomorrow before 2 PM at both Frankfurt and Munich. Exceptions include Germanwings flights and flights run by Lufthansa's regional subsidiaries to/from Munich. These flights will probably operate according to schedule, although delays or cancellations may still affect individual flights. Long-haul routes to and from Frankfurt and Munich are also affected. All passengers planning to embark on a flight either out of Germany or to Germany tomorrow are requested to visit www.lufthansa.comand check the status of their flight before leaving for the airport.
Lufthansa deeply regrets the major disruptions that its customers are likely to experience due to Thursday's strike action. The airline is making every effort possible to reduce the impact on its passengers to the absolute minimum. 
Dr. Bettina Volkens, Chief Officer Corporate Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Deutsche Lufthansa AG: "As was the case with the token strike called by security staff in Frankfurt over a month ago, Verdi is quite prepared to exploit non-involved parties – whether individuals or companies – in the pursuit of union objectives. We particularly regret the fact that our customers will suffer as a result. Losses at the Lufthansa Group alone will also run into the millions – even though we play no part whatsoever in this pay dispute.”
“The current strike action once again demonstrates the powerlessness of the German legal system to shield non-involved parties from the effects of pay disputes. It is for this reason that we urgently require binding conditions to be agreed for critical transportation infrastructure in Germany – and for rail and air transportation in particular,” said Dr. Volkens.
Lufthansa: Best possible service for all customers
Passengers flying with Lufthansa are requested to check the status of their flight on the website before beginning their journey. Lufthansa will also make every effort to communicate changes via text and email to customers who have provided the company with their contact details.
All customers booked to fly on March 27 with Lufthansa to/from Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne-Bonn, Stuttgart, Hamburg or Hanover are offered a one-time free ticket re-booking if they wish to change their travel plans. For details, please visit Lufthansa's website at Seat reservations are also free to cancel for all customers whose flights were canceled due to industrial action. Travelers booked to fly on a domestic Lufthansa flight within Germany can use Deutsche Bahn rail services if their flight is canceled. Passengers can exchange their flight reservation for a rail ticket at the check-in machines or online. 
Lufthansa is also making preparations to maximize service quality for its customers. As one example, additional staff will be on hand to respond to passenger inquiries at Frankfurt. Passengers will also receive complimentary refreshments and snacks while they wait. Lufthansa also boosted call center staff numbers from Tuesday.
To improve the coordination of the anticipated queues of customers at Frankfurt Airport, Lufthansa and Fraport will be using colored zones to organize the departure halls. Each color will indicate a particular stage in ground handling. As one example, check-in screens colored purple will inform passengers about rebookings involving European destinations with no connecting flight. Additional staff for handling customer inquiries will wear appropriately-colored vests. This will ensure passengers can find their way around more quickly and easily

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