Monday, April 21, 2014

The Whale Sharks Return To Cancun, Mexico May 15 - September 15

Cancun Whale Shark Tours Shark / I'm waiting for YOU! (PRNewsFoto/Cancun Whale Shark Tours)

  The annual summer migration of the ocean's largest fish, the Whale Shark, begins May 15, 2014 near Cancun,

They will be in the Gulf of Mexico's waters near Cancun, one of the world's hottest and most desirable
 vacation spots enjoying the Summer "Buffet" of plankton, krill, and other microscopic delicacies in Mother 
Nature's Aquarium  through mid September.

Tens of thousands of tourists have taken snorkel trips to swim alongside these gentle giants the past 5 years,
 and  the numbers continue to grow. In addition to the Whale Sharks, snorkelers can see/swim with huge Manta
 Rays, pods  of Free-Running dolphins (not in a caged tank), turtles and much, much more.

Numerous tour operators have set up shop to conduct these tours out to the Whale Shark feeding area from
 Cancun. One tour company "stands out" and is the Top Rated/Reviewed tour provider on TRIP ADVISOR 
consistently getting Trip Advisors Certificate of Excellence each and every year.

Cancun Whale Shark Tours ( is the proven leader, following 100% 
strict guidelines  for interaction, as set forth by the Mexican conservation regulators, including being the only 
tour company to equip their boats with "Prop Guards" to protect Whale Sharks and swimmers alike as well as
 demand participants only use Reef Safe 100% Biodegradable Sunscreens while swimming to protect the
 Whale Sharks and the ocean environment.

In addition, Cancun Whale Shark Tours has become a founding member of the INTERNATIONAL WHALE 
SHARK CONSERVATION FOUNDATION, a 501C-3 Non Profit (IRS pending approval) dedicated to research
 and preservation of these endangered species, someday to be extinct, unless controls on harvesting and\
 "finning" are under control  (Asian countries are the biggest offenders).

The formation of the foundation was a result of Roddrigo Sidney's (aka The Whale Shark Daddy's) participation
 @ the 3rd  International Whale Shark Conference held at the Georgia Aquarium in October 2013. There, over
 70 scientists and  researchers from around the world met and collaborated on Whale Shark Research and
 Conservation. The immediate  need was determined to SAVE the declining Whale Shark population from extinction,
 and PRESERVE for future generations and conduct needed research into their migration patterns, birthing, feeding, 
and photo identification. Cancun Whale Shark Tours donates a % of all proceeds from their tours to the Foundation
 to assist in this endeavor. We ask other interested persons or foundations join us to aid in this worthwhile project
 to Protect and Conserve the Endangered Whale Sharks Worldwide by becoming a founding member of this
 worthwhile cause.

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