Sunday, June 29, 2014

6 Awesome Airport Nap Pods Around the World

When sleeping on the plane just won’t do it, some forward-thinking airports have created areas where passengers can unwind and relax in private. These six nap pods—including two in London—are some of the coolest we've seen.

Airport nap pods

Rooms at Sleepbox, inside Sheremetyevo International Airport, can hold a maximum of three bunk beds for people traveling in groups. Bedside tables with electrical outlets and reading lamps are provided, as are TVs and, critically, alarm clocks.

Airport nap pods

In Terminal 4 of London’s Heathrow Airport and in the South Terminal of the city’s Gatwick airport, Yotel offers either single or double beds, entertainment systems, and en suite bathrooms with rainfall showers. (Body wash and towels are provided.) For just $39, the room is yours for four hours. A full night goes for $93.

Airport nap pods

Snoozecube operates small, soundproof rooms at Dubai International Airport where travelers can power down and rest up. Starting at just $16 an hour, travelers have access to a twin bed, a touch screen TV, and Wi-F—as well as a nature-inspired mural to brighten up each pod.

Airport nap pods

The self-contained pods at Munich Airport come complete with blinds for privacy, a full bed for resting, and a work space if all you’re seeking is the necessary peace and quiet to be productive. In-pod flight information boards keep you up-to-the-minute on schedule changes.

Airport nap pods

The name says it all at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, where Snooze at My Space offers self-contained pods that provide a $10-an-hour respite from the terminal—as well as plentiful power plugs, TV, and included Wi-Fi.

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