Saturday, July 5, 2014

Travelore Tips: How To Book A Private Plane As Low As $134 Per Person!

Clearly, we think of private planes as being mostly reserved for the elite. But what if we told you flying on a private plane was affordable, even cheap? Would you believe us? publishes last-minute daily deals that give travelers the chance to fly privately on the cheap, with deals starting at $536 per plane, each way — that’s four seats at $134 per person. How can private jet be so cheap? It’s simple: Over forty percent of private flights have empty seats, and JetSuite sells these empty seats as deals to last-minute travelers because. Airlines — all airlines — would rather earn money off a full flight than lose money on an empty one.

Many available flights on JetSuite are for short distances — such as San Francisco, CA to Monterey, CA — because many of the private aircrafts are repositioning to pick up passengers in a different destination. Additionally, the most common flights take place in the northeastern U.S., California, and Florida, but some flights operate throughout the country or even internationally. For example, today, travelers can book a plane from South Dakota to New Jersey (four people for $1,074) or Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas (four people for $499).
JetSuite provides ensures travelers an opportunity to experience a luxurious lifestyle generally reserved for the über wealthy. On flights, guests receive world-class service and avoid extras like baggage fees and long security lines. Those reasons alone, above the leather cushions and copious legroom, should be reason to consider a private flight.

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