Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Both Four Seasons On Lanai Closing For Renovation - So What Will Happen To The Community On this Hawaiian Island?

HAWAII (eTN) - Lanai, also called the Pineapple Island, is an economy run by two Four Season Resorts. They employ 80% of the travel and tourism workforce, and besides pineapple and some fishing, travel and tourism is the dominant industry on this Hawaiian Island.
Everyone depends on these resorts, the airlines that would hardly have any other tourists flying them to Lanai, the ferry service to Lahaina, and the tour guides, shops, and many other business on this small island that is part of Maui County.
What would happen if these two resorts closed at the same time? Exactly this is happening next year. For most of 2015, the Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay and the Four Seasons Lanai The Lodge at Koele will be closed for renovation.
Now an entire community is already concentrating on the day when these resorts open back up.
In the meantime, what will happen to those that are in the travel and tourism industry who do not work for Four Seasons? They may be out of business.
What happens to those in the business working for Four Seasons?
Here is a response on the renovation from Four Seasons spokesperson Lori Holland.

What will be renovated (for both properties)?
Many enhancements have been unveiled including new restaurants ONE FORTY - an American Steak, Hawaiian Seafood restaurant concept, VIEWS at Manele Golf, NOBU LANAI, newly-redesigned guestrooms and suites, high-end retail stores, a renovated spa, the addition of a luxury Mercedes Benz transfer fleet, and an exclusive Four Seasons Resorts Lana'i airport lounge in Honolulu with continued investments planned to position the property as the premier resort in Hawaii. The multi-million dollar transformation underway at Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay is paving the way for the resort to offer the highest standards of hospitality, highly-personalized service, and innovative enhancements to guests who appreciate only the very best. The newly-redesigned West Wing rooms launched this fall, and we expect to begin the East Wing renovation in early January.
In order to expedite work, The Lodge at Koele will be dedicated to the transformation team in 2015; rooms and dining outlets will not be available for general reservations. The resort looks forward to welcoming guests for the Festive 2014 and 2015 season.
What is the time frame for the renovation?
We have also applied for a permit to add pool experiences, a multi-room luxury suite, and the creation of additional spa rooms at Manele Bay which may entail a suspension of occupancy for a limited time.
Will you lay off staff; if yes, how many will you re-hire, etc.?
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts values the contribution of all colleagues and the well-being of employees, their families, and the Lanaʻi community. The commitment our colleagues provide to our resorts and community is a vital component of our success.
To underscore our commitment to our employees and their contribution, Four Seasons Resorts Lana`i colleagues will continue to be employed and retain their benefits during the renovation period. Special work opportunities, cultural and preservation projects on the island, as well as training and development opportunities have been identified and confirmed to each employee to continue the long-term, robust investment in the Lana`i resorts and community.
What are the expected cuts on air and ferry traffic during the renovation?
I can't speak to this, but can share currently that Island Air has 5 flights daily, while Hawaiian Airlines offers 3 flights per day. Expeditions Ferry runs 5 times a day as well.


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