Monday, December 8, 2014

Hot Destinations To Watch For 2015

As the end of the year approaches, travel plans for 2015 are afoot. But with so many countries to choose from, where should you pick? Looking at the major events, trends and political changes around the world, our top five predictions for 2015 are Sri Lanka, Romania, Vietnam, Colombia and Oman. Here’s why you should put these on your list.
Sri Lanka
For a relatively small country, there is a lot on offer in Sri Lanka. The country is excellent value for money and there are hotels to suit every taste and budget. There is a fascinating cultural heritage as well as wildlife, colonial towns and tropical beaches. With new hotels being built on the island’s east coast, and improvements to the infrastructure on the island’s southern and eastern coasts, as well as political stability, its popularity looks set to remain.
Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka
Combining breathtaking landscapes with a fascinating culture, Oman is perhaps the least known destination in the Middle East. But with the recent visit of Prince Harry, and new luxury hotels opening up, this looks set to change. From magnificent forts and palaces to rolling sand dunes and mountain ranges interspersed with lush wadis, Oman has a lot to offer with a relatively short flight time and minimal jet lag. The guaranteed sunshine during the British winter makes it a great destination for a New Year break.
Oman, Nizwa
As tourists are familiar with Thailand and all that it offers, increasing numbers are looking to explore elsewhere in the region. Vietnam has an interesting history and culture and is seeing more investment in its infrastructure, with the launch of an additional direct flight from London next summer and new hotels opening. As the trend for experiential holidays continues to develop, cookery schools are popular with guests wanting to learn how to recreate their favourite dishes.
Cyclist in Vietnam
As Latin American countries continue to soar in popularity, travellers are looking for lesser explored destinations for their holidays. Still largely untouched by mass tourism, Colombia is fast becoming popular. From Andean peaks and the lush Amazon basin, to tropical coastline and unspoilt beaches, there is a diverse mix of landscapes, colonial heritage and interesting towns and cities.
Bogota, Colombia
Not many people know that the Prince of Wales owns a collection of houses in Transylvania, which he bought to help to preserve the cultural heritage of this little known part of Europe. Available for tourists to stay in, the houses give a unique glimpse into life in an 18th century Saxon village. The country has a wealth of sights to explore, including painted monasteries, dramatic castles and palaces, medieval towns and beautiful scenery.
Dracula's Castle, Romania
Contributed by Katie Parsons, PR Manager at Cox & Kings.
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