Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The World’s 15 Most Expensive Cities For An Airbnb Property

The World’s 15 Most Expensive Cities  for an Airbnb Property

As part of the travel price index series, GoEuro.co.uk has compiled an impartial accommodation price index covering 150 cities and over 60,000 properties to understand the effect of new trends in accommodation on the hotel industry. The increasing popularity of Airbnb and continued growth of the hostel industry are now important factors for travellers considering where to spend the night.
New York is the most expensive city overall, Tirana, Albania is the cheapest
In total there are 11 UK cities in the index (London ranks the most expensive UK city overall at 14, Liverpool 18, Birmingham 56, Belfast 73, and Leeds least expensive, ranked at 74)
For an Airbnb room, Aberdeen ranks 6th most expensive in the world, followed by Newcastle in 7th, Birmingham 11th, Bristol 12th, and London
How do UK cities rank in the world?
City Rank
London 14
Liverpool 18
Aberdeen 27
Manchester 28
Newcastle 32
Edinburgh 35
Bristol 41
Glasgow 46
Birmingham 56
Belfast 73
Leeds 74
Most Expensive Overall:
City Rank
New York 1
St Moritz 2
Macao 3
Miami 4
Nassau 5
Boston 6
Venice 7
Dubai 8
San Francisco 9
Monte-Carlo 10
Least Expensive Overall:
City Rank
Tirana 1
Hammamet 2
Sofia 3
Cairo 4
Antalya 5
Bangkok 6
Bucharest 7
Warsaw 8
Belgrade 9
Shanghai 10
All prices were calculated over the same date range for the same amount of guests. Prices were converted from local currency using the Bloomberg exchange on 17/11/14.

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