Monday, January 12, 2015

Barbados Becomes More Pet-Friendly To Increase Tourism

Barbados becomes more pet-friendly to increase tourism

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - The Government of Barbados allows the entry of pets from all over the world since January, in order to increase tourism and to benefit from the income generated from this new regulation, according to reports in local newspapers.
The announcement was made by the vet of the country's agriculture ministry, Mark Trotman, who noted that, previously, pets could only enter the island from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and some Caribbean islands. The new regulations would allow these animals to come into Barbados from anywhere in the world.
The new legislation is a response to the many requests that the Barbados government has received from foreigners wishing to live in Barbados and wanting to take the whole family with them, including their pets.
Trotman explained that there was also a great demand from people who wanted to take their pets with them to the island during their visits. He added that this could provide a boost to the vet sector as citizens from these countries could use the services of Barbadian vets.
When the animals arrive in the island, they are examined by the officials of the Animal Shelter at the Grantley Adams International Airport who are the ones to authorize the animal’s entry into the country.
The visitor or new resident must pay $25 (21 euros) for an import permit which is valid for six months, and a fee of $60 (50.7 euros) once the pet arrives at the airport. Every dog or cat owner must also submit the pet’s health certificate, issued in their country of origin.
A microchip for identification purposes will be placed on each animal which should also have the relevant immunizations prior to their arrival in the island.

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