Sunday, January 18, 2015

Flying first class? It May Mean Landing First In The United Kingdom

Flying first class? It  may mean landing first in the United Kingdom

Many first class passengers on an aircraft may soon be a reason for British aircraft controllers to give priority landing instructions.
More advanced technology will give air traffic controllers in the United Kingdom more flight data. Airlines will be able to designate which of their airborne jets can land first. The changes will end the traditional landing rule of 'first come, first served'
Planes carrying more first class passengers may soon be given landing priority over other flights in a move that would radically overhaul the current 'first come, first served' rule, it has been claimed.
As more advanced technology becomes available to air traffic controllers, airlines will be able to designate specific flights within their own fleets to jump the queues.
This would be beneficial for flights carrying large numbers of business or first class passengers, or planes with customers connecting to other flights.
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