Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Travelore News: The New Alitalia Reveals 4 Simple Secrets Of Future Success

The New Alitalia reveals 4 simple secrets of future success

After the first Board meeting for the New Alitalia, the airline called for a press conference today in Rome. The development plans for a new Alitalia was introduced. The joint venture airline started operation on January 1, 2015.
The new venture is owned 49% by the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad, and a 51% stake is owned by the Italian owned CAI. Today's press conference at the Rome St.Regis hotel was attended by board members of Alitalia and Etihad.
James Hogan, Alitalia's new VP is also Etihad's CEO. He mentioned challenges by other European airlines but has a simple solution for Alitalia.
Mr. Hogan is convinced this substantial investment by Etihad Airways into Alitalia of 560 Million Euro will be a good one.
The new leadership disclosed a simple plan for the new Alitalia to be successful.
The key for success was summarized in naming 4 priorities.
1) The people working for an airline is the most important asset.
2) Strength of the brand. With EXPO Worldwide this is already a new focus.
3) Quality of the aircraft and excellent on board service.
4) Route network
Etihad is able to add Italy as a new network center. Alitalia has access to a new network center in Abu Dhabi.
Non stop flights from Venice to Shanghai, more service to North and South America will put Italy back on the global aviation map with direct flights from points around the globe. Italy is a strong business travel and leisure brand. Asia and North American destinations will be part of an important expansion. Non stop to Tokyo and San Francisco are planned for later 2015.
Connecting in Abu Dhabi, Asia and Australian destination, as well as India will be part of a new expanded code share network.
Air France, KLM, Delta are Alitalia partners as well and this partnership will also be important in future planning.
There will be little need in the future to connect from and to Italy through Switzerland or Germany.
The linkage established with Etihad and Etihad's current partners, Alitalia is expected to be profitable in 2017.
The New Alitalia will have an expanded Cargo network. New partnerships with Avianca had been recently announced.
Re-energize Alitalia is the key for success, and James Hogan wants Alitalia to be the sexiest brand in aviation.
A winning team is ready to take on this challenge.

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