Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Another Asian airline, Korean Air, Revamps Its Prestige Class To Offer Prestige Suites

Prestige Suite: Another Asian airline revamps its Prestige Class

The new "Prestige Suites," highlighting the comfort and privacy of its premium customers, will make their debut on a Korean Air A330-300 on the Guangzhou, Singapore, and Hanoi routes. Korean Air has a further 38 aircraft on order - six A330-300s, twelve B777-300ERs, ten B747-8is, and ten B787-9s – and all will be delivered equipped with the new seats, optimizing the space and offering privacy to provide passengers with maximum comfort.
Korean Air has long been making efforts to provide high-end luxury service to its premium customers. And today, Korean Air has revealed it has revamped prestige class equipped with new "Prestige Suites" - taking inflight style in the prestige class cabin and premium customers’ comfort to a new level.
The innovative armrest automatically slides down out of sight when the seat is in fully flat bed-mode and allows the seat to have an increased width of 22.5 inches, against the previous 21 inches.
Privacy panels are installed between the seats, with those in aisle seats able to rise higher for increased privacy. Each seat is also equipped with an ottoman, where passengers can rest their feet, or work colleagues or family members can sit to chat. These ottomans are more often seen in the first class cabins of other airlines.
The configuration of the seats has been designed to allow passengers by the window to be able to pass into the aisle without disturbing the aisle passenger. The pitch between the seats on the window side has increased by 12 inches to 87 inches from the previous configuration.
"Smart" inflight entertainment with "smartphone" style handset providing a wide variety of content
The handset features a touchpad that can be used as easily as a smart phone. Passengers simply touch the handset screen to choose from the menu, be it a movie, music, a game or information service.
Passengers can also watch the inflight airshow, with lots of flight information, such as, the location of the aircraft, at the same time as watching movies.
The Inflight entertainment system monitors have also been upgraded, now equipped with capacitive touch screen and superb resolution and expanded to 17 inches.
Looking to 2015, Korean Air plans to introduce a brand new first class, complimenting the new "Prestige" class but taking spaciousness, stylish design and comfort to an even higher level. The new premium seats are a result of Korean Air’s effort to offer unparalleled customer services. The introduction of the new seats is on track in its quest to be a leading global carrier.

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