Friday, February 20, 2015

InterContinental Hotels Launch $23,000 Bespoke Vacation Packages

Just a part of the package at the InterContinental Paris Le Grand.

As travelers demand local experiences, InterContinental aims to deliver with high-priced packages offering perks that are hard to find elsewhere.
InterContinental Hotels has launched a new series of “Insider Experiences” at its flagship London, Paris, and Tel Aviv properties. Guests will stay in high-end suites and have specially arranged tours, tastings, and activities as part of the all-inclusive program. In London, for example, guests get a stay in the InterContinental’s Royal Suite, a custom Floris perfume, bespoke shirts from Dege & Skinner, a private butler, and a chauffeured car—for about £15,000 ($23,000). In Paris, the experience includes access to the LadurĂ©e’s original house on rue Royale. The Tel Aviv program has visitors touring the city with a local celebrity chef. (InterContinental)
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