Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dublin Hotel Rates Skyrocket For St.Patrick's Day

Dublin hotel rates skyrocket for St. Patrick's Day

DUBLIN, Ireland - Irish revellers who are looking for a hotel room in Dublin to celebrate St. Patrick's Day better have a little extra green on them. Hotels in Ireland’s capital are raising their rates strongly on March 17, as a new survey from shows.
With less than a week until the official holiday, around 30% of the hotels in the centre of Dublin are still offering available rooms for St. Patrick's Day. The caveat is that on average, these establishments are raising their rates by 154% compared to regular rates, but some are charging a lot more.
One such example is the Maldron Hotel Parnell Square. This three-star hotel located within a two-minute walk of the popular O'Connell Street is charging Euro 359 for a double room on March 17. That price tag represent an increase of more than 400% over its usual rate. The biggest price hiker, however, is the Paramount Hotel. A boutique hotel in Dublin’s Temple Bar district, this accommodation is charging Euro 500 for a twin room on March 17, an increase of more than 600% over what it typically charges.
For the cheapest available double room, St. Patty’s celebrators will currently have to spend around Euro 150, which will get them lodging in a budget guesthouse. For a more comfortable place to stay, they will have to spend at least Euro 200. Dublin visitors who are planning to stay over the weekend for the full four-day St. Patrick’s Day event, however, can find a comfortable double room for around Euro 120 per night.
The table that follows lists the 10 hotels in central Dublin with the highest price hikes for this St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2015. Regular rates reflect the price for the same room one week later. The hotel rates shown were established on March 10, 2015 via the leading hotel booking websites.
Name of Hotel
Room Type
March 17 Rate
Regular Rate
Paramount Hotel 3 Standard Twin €500 €69
Maldron Hotel Parnell Square 3 Standard Double €359 €67
Maldron Hotel Smithfield 3 Standard Double €359 €75
My Place Dublin Hotel 2 Double Room €229 €59
George Frederic Handel Hotel 3 Twin Room €288 €84
RiverHouse Hotel 2 Standard Double €234 €84
The Croke Park Hotel 4 Superior Double €289 €99
Trinity Lodge 3 Classic Double €300 €118
Grafton Capital Hotel 3 Twin €209 €79
Temple Bar Inn 3 Twin Room €259 €109

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