Saturday, March 28, 2015

EURO 50,000 Times 149: The Amount Lufthansa Agreed To Compensate For Murdered Passengers

EURO 50,000 times 149: The amount Lufthansa agreed to compensate for murdered passengers

150 dead, less one pilot who was the one killing the 149 victims times EURO 50,000 equals EURO 7,45 million or 8,11 million US$. '
This is what Germen base Deutsche Lufthansa AG will pay out as an initial sum per person to the relatives of murdered passengers on the Germanwings Flight 9525 that crashed in the French Alps earlier this week. This was related to the media tonight.
“Of course we can’t compensate materially for the lives of those lost, but we wanted to provide some immediate financial help to the affected families,” a Germanwings spokeswoman said.
The Lufthansa LHA stock was up today +0.44%. The payments wouldn't affect potential further claims made by the families of the murder victims.

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