Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Italian Luxury Vacations Go Gluten And Allergen Free

Jovial Foods offers unique culinary getaways
 that are tailored to people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. The week long trips provide a stress-free
 way for people traveling with food sensitivities to enjoy a foodie retreat in Italy. The getaways feature hands-on 
cooking classes with jovial's founder Carla, who has lived outside of Modena, Italy for twenty-five years.
 Everything about the trip is 100% authentic, and Carla knows how to balance the needs of American
 travelers with the Italian lifestyle that she has learned to love.
Carla hosts guests at this 18th Century Villa located just outside the rolling hills of Lucca, Italy.
Offered in the spring and fall, Jovial's Culinary Getaways take place in the beautiful rolling hills right outside
 of Lucca, in one of the most spectacular villas in Tuscany. It has become part of Carla's mission to make
 traveling for people with celiac disease and other dietary restrictions fun and exciting, rather than daunting 
and inconvenient. This is why so many culinary alumni are so supportive and grateful for this trip, and why
 guests often return. "We've had guests return to the getaway since our start in 2012, so we take great pride
 in knowing we've got something special," Carla explains.

This year Jovial Foods, Inc. is giving away a free all-inclusive trip to the Fall 2015 Culinary Getaway.  
The winner and a guest will join Carla for a week of cooking, relaxation, and exploring the surrounding 
countryside. This contest is running from now until June 30, and the winner will be announced on
 July 1, 2015.

Carla is no stranger to the world of food allergies.  When she learned that her daughter, Giulia, suffered
 from gluten sensitivity, she was determined to find a way for her to eat foods she could flourish with.  

This journey included discovering the ancient grain, einkorn, and coming up with artisanal crafted gluten
 free foods. This trip is a way for people to forget their restrictions and sit back, relax and just enjoy the
 food and scenery!

About Jovial:
Carla Bartolucci and her Italian-born husband Rodolfo first began their work in the natural products
 industry in 1995, when they began distributing the bionaturae brand of organic foods. The mission of their
 new brand, jovial, is to change the future of farming by creating consumer demand for ancient and heirloom
 varieties of food. The jovial brand also specializes in the production of certified organic, artisan-crafted
 gluten free foods.

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