Monday, March 23, 2015

Tour Britain In Vintage Cars And Harleys

Ever wanted to whizz off through the mountains of Scotland on a Harley, cruise around British cities in a classic Mini, or take in the Cotswolds scenery from behind the wheel of a vintage Jaguar? See the sights in style from the comfort of a quirky vehicle, and add an extra thrill to your trip!

Tour the Highlands on a Harley

The roads through the Scottish Highlands wind between the snowy mountain peaks, thick wooded glens and rich valley vistas that this region is famous for. What better way to traverse this epic scenery than in true cinematic style on the back of a Harley Davidson?
Evening view to castle, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.
This tour starts in the historic city of Edinburgh then out to Fort William, Ullapool, Inverness, Craigellachie and back to Edinburgh for a post tour dram of whisky. On the way you’ll see Stirling Castle, the grave of Rob Roy, the highest mountain in Britain, Ben Nevis, Loch Ness and lots more.
Ben Nevis

Mini time

Jump in a classic Mini Cooper and imagine it’s the swinging ‘60s with Small Car Big City tours.
Mini tours
You’ll be driven around London by an expert guide and shown the sights from the comfort of one of Britain’s most iconic vehicles. Drive over Tower Bridge, around the Tower of London and through the skyscrapers of the City, then perhaps a little trip past Buckingham Palace?
Trafalgar Square, London © istock/ferrantraite
Trafalgar Square, London © istock/ferrantraite
If you’re a fan of classic British film The Italian Job, you can even take the special Italian Job tour, complete with boiler suits and flat caps for a fun day out. If you’re a big group it’s fine, you can always book more Minis and drive around the city together!

Classic cars in the Cotswolds

Flying along leafy country lanes, taking in the beautiful cottages, countryside and charming villages of the Cotswolds: it’s all given a bit of extra zest if you hire a classic sports car for the weekend and make the driving part of the fun too!
Image © istock/falun
You’ll find lots of vintage car hire companies in Britain, but one of them is The Open Road, who have a great selection of truly iconic vintage cars. Just the thing to make your Cotswolds adventure feel like you’re starring in your own film. Now shall we take the Jaguar MK II or the E Type..?
Village cottage England

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