Saturday, March 21, 2015

Travelore News: Incheon Airport Celebrates Its Selection As World’s Best For 10th Consecutive Year

Incheon Airport celebrates its selection as world’s best airport for 10th consecutive year

The Incheon International Airport Corporation will hold the ‘Spring Music Concert’, celebrating its selection as the world’s best airport for 10th consecutive year in the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) evaluation and the 14th anniversary of its opening.
The ‘Spring Music Concert’ will be held every day at 16:00 p.m. for 1 hour from March 25th to 29th at Millennium Hall on the first floor of Incheon International Airport, featuring top-class musicians in diverse genres, including orchestra, jazz and classic. The performance is open to every visitor for free.
On the first day, March 25th, Korean Pops Orchestra that communicates with the audience by composing classics in pleasant manner will perform popular movie original sound tracks (OSTs) and pop-classics, accompanying famous musicians, such as Tenor Lee Won-hyeong, Saxophonist Han Hun-sik and Guitarist Lee Ji-seong.
On March 26th, popular singer So Hyang and musical actor Yoon Hyeong-lyeol will present beautiful songs. So Hyang was acclaimed as a highly talented singer on music competition TV shows ‘I Am a Singer’ and ‘Immortal Masterpieces’. Musical actor Yoon was commended as a leading actor in the musical ‘Notre Dame de Paris’.
Three top jazz musicians in Korea will present a ‘Tripartite Jazz Festival’ on March 27th. They are Jazz vocalist Woong San, Saxophonist Lee Jeong-sik and Accordionist Jeong Tae-ho.
On March 28th, genius pianist Shin Ji-ho and emerging pop classic singer Jin Jeong-hoon, will present a cross-over concert.
Classic ensemble will be staged on March 29th, the last day of the regular concert, with sweet melodies of a prominent string quartet ‘Quartet X’ along with Violinist Cho Yun-beom.
A part of seats at the ‘Spring Music Concert’ will be reserved in advance, and seats can be reserved on its website ( in the order of arrival. Standing places are also available.
The stage of the concert at the Millennium Hall will be decorated with flowers and butterflies that symbolize spring with the theme of ‘Sky Garden –Spring’s Blossom’ to present excitement and pleasure to travelers, celebrating its selection as the world’s best airport for 10th consecutive year and the 14th anniversary of its opening.
Wan-su Park, President of Incheon International Airport said, “Marking the 14th anniversary of its opening, the Incheon International Airport has grown as the world’s top airport that meets expectation of the people by ranking first in the ASQ evaluation for 10th consecutive year. The regular concert is a festival arranged in reward to the people and customers who love Incheon Airport.”

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