Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No Fun For 3500 Passengers On Carnival Cruise Ship Prevented From Docking In Sydney Harbor Due To Storm

Scary ! No fun for 3500 passengers on this Carnival cruise ship

This Carnival Cruise to Australia wasn't fun but scary for 3500 passengers. Authorities prevented this Carnival ship from docking in Sydney Harbor.
Instead passengers remained on board to experience 85 violent miles an hour winds and powerful 30 foot waves slamming against the cruiseliner.
What was meant to be a 12-night cruise onboard the Carnival Spirit was prolonged by what some are calling a once-in-a-lifetime storm.
It's all part of a massive storm system barreling its way down the Australian Coast.
Carnival reported no medical emergencies onboard the stranded ship.
Representatives for Carnival said their ships were built to take the kind of punishment brought on by the powerful storm which gave Sydney it's wettest two days in nearly two decades.

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