Friday, May 15, 2015

2015 China International Children's Culture And Art Festival Will Be Held In Beijing August 1st Through 15th

2015 China International Children's Culture and Art Festival will be held in Beijing

The Organizing Committee for China International Children's Culture and Art Festival (CCAF) announced at the press conference in Linglong Tower, Beijing Olympic Park that CCAF 2015 and International Expo of Children's Creative Culture Products (IECCCP) will be held in Beijing Olympic Park during Aug. 1 to 15, 2015.
CCAF 2015 is undertaken by China Center for Children's Creative Culture, Kuafoul (Beijing) Children's Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. and Elite Cultural Development (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.. This large-scale children-oriented culture and art festival, themed with "Salute to Childhood: Innovative Culture, Creative Childhood and Create Dreams", will offer an exhibition space of up to 28,000m2 and over 400 children-related creative culture businesses are expected to participate in the event where product exhibition and interactive experience will be combined perfectly.
The festival themes are "Practical, Simple and Efficient" while aiming to realize two breakthroughs, highlight ten public programs and present five bright spots.
Two breakthroughs:
- Breakthrough in content. Such subjects as charity, public welfare for children and environmental protection can be found throughout the festival. The participation of enterprises, public welfare organizations, charity organizations and groups for vulnerable children will be emphasized. Furthermore, the integration of creative industries with innovation and development platforms will also be enhanced.
- Breakthrough in form. Instead of the conventional form of still exhibition, various children-related activities will be employed to realize the full fusion, exchange and interaction of creative products on display. This will enable visiting children to find and enjoy the beauty in cultural creativity and fusion as well as experience how wonderful innovation and creation can be.
Ten public programs:
At this art festival, 10 other children-related events will be held at the same time, including 2015 China International Children's Music Festival, 2015 China International Exhibition of Children's Fine Arts, 2015 China International Performance of Children's Plays (textbook drama), 2015 China International Exhibition of Creative Children's Wear, 2015 China International Interactive Exhibition of Children's Creative Culture Products, 2015 China International Children's Food Festival, 2015 China International Exhibition of Children's Books and Publication, 2015 China International Marketplace of Children's Culture (flea market), 2015 China International Children's Fun Games, 2015 Photo Exhibition on Children and Nature, and 2015 Children's Creative Products Going in Communities and Lectures on World Literature Masterpieces. All these activities will promote each other.
Five bright spots:
1. Authority. The art festival will become an iconic gathering and exhibition of the creative children's culture industry in China.
2. Public good. Some child-oriented public welfare organizations, charity organizations and foundations will be invited to this festival, in addition to activities specially designed for disabled children.
3. Professionalism. This festival will cover the whole industry chain of creative children's products including children-related books, audio and video, film and TV, animated films and cartoons, music, education, networking, entertainment, clothing, home furnishing, stationery and toys -- realizing resource integration and interdisciplinary fusion.
4. Forward-looking vision. This festival on children's culture will display the latest creative children's culture products, devices, technologies and services, representing the highest level and the newest trends in this regard.
5. Interaction. At this festival, the seamless connection of creative children's culture products with audiences will be stressed, allowing them to touch each other for interaction.

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