Sunday, May 31, 2015

Travelore News: Russian Travel Ban For EU Citizens In Response To Sanctions

Russian Travel Ban for EU Citizens in Response to Sanctions

Moscow compiled a list of EU citizens banned from entering Russia in response to the European Union’s sanctions campaign, a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry said Saturday.
The source confirmed reports in several foreign media that a list of European politicians, diplomats and military experts was sent to the embassies of EU member states.
"The answer to the demands of some European countries to explain why these persons were included in the list of those who are banned from entering Russia is simple — it was done in response to a sanctions campaign unleashed against Russia by some EU member states, led by Germany," the source told journalists.
Russia Retaliates to EU Sanctions With Blacklist of 89 Officials
He added that there is a similar list consisting of US citizens, but Washington did not ask to make it public.
According to media reports, the list comprises 89 EU citizens, 18 of which have Polish citizenship, while nine are from the United Kingdom. Sweden, Estonia, Germany as well as Lithuania, Latvia and Romania also have at least five of their nationals each mentioned in the list.
Earlier in the day, the EU Delegation to Russia's spokesman confirmed authenticity of the list.
The European Union and the United States have imposed sanctions against several sectors of the Russian economy and high-profile officials, including travelling bans, citing Moscow’s alleged involvement in the Ukrainian conflict.
The Russian government has consistently denied involvement in Ukraine’s internal affairs.

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