Sunday, July 26, 2015

Breaking News: Shots Fired In Possible Terror Attack On Tour De France

Shots fired: Attempted terror attack on Tour de France today?

The Tour de France is the kind of high profile tourism and sports event that would make it an ideal target for terrorists. Paris has been on maximum security alert since the Charlie Hebdo shootings.
"So, tourists looking for a prime spot before the finale and just took the wrong turn." This was one of the tweets in response to police opening fire on a car trying to smash through a barricade on Place de la Concorde in the French Capital Paris.
After Paris police officers shot at the car, the vehicle just drove away with two occupants seemingly unharmed.
It happened Sunday morning before the final arrival of the Tour de France cycling race, a police official said.
Currently police is trying to find the vehicle that fired the shots.

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