Saturday, July 25, 2015

President Obama In Kenya To Open The Local Entrepreneurship Summit: GES

The most popular tourist Kenya ever had is in town - and it shows!
He is the most popular tourist Kenya as a tourism destination had ever seen. Him exploring Kenya will most likely be the push Kenya needed to turn its travel and tourism industry around - and not only for American visitors. He, the president of the United States, is officially in Kenya to open the local Entrepreneurship Summit: GES 2015
This is his first visit to his father's homeland as president of the United States. He is twice as popular in Kenya than he is in the U.S. Kenya, among Chicago and Hawaii are all claiming him their own. President Obama made his connection to this East African country clear when he said: "There's a reason why my name's Barack Hussein Obama." East Africa."
On his first visit as the U.S. president Obama said Kenya has made "incredible progress" since his last visit. He added ,people should not be "blinded" by prejudice.
During his first day in Nairobi, President Obama spent time with his many Kenyan relatives.
In Kogelo, there are high expectations that this American tourist who is really not an ordinary tourist will go a little bit out of his way to get to this village of 3648 people in the far west of the country, near Lake Victoria. Kogelo, is a small village in western Kenya, and President Obama's ancestral home. His father, Barack Obama Snr, was raised in the village and after his death in 1982 was buried there. Half of the villagers are named after president Obama and want him to come "home" on this trip.
"When I was here in Nairobi ten years ago, it looked different from what it looks today. There's a lot of progress. I'm proud of all you," he said.
"We expect great things out of you," Mr Obama added, before stepping down from the stage.
Mr. Obama Praised dynamism of Kenyan business and said: "Africa is on the move,".

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