Friday, October 23, 2015

Drive Electric Orlando And Enterprise Rent A Car Grow Fleet Of Chevy Volts To 30

America’s most visited city hosts one of the largest electric vehicle rental initiatives, allowing thousands of extended EV test drives while promoting adoption nationwide.

 One month after announcing the addition of 14 Chevrolet Volt plug-in vehicles to its fleet, Drive Electric Orlando and Enterprise Rent-A-Car have added 16 more Volts, more than doubling the number of electric vehicles now available to rent in Orlando, Florida. By expanding the fleet to 30 Volts, Enterprise is growing one of the largest EV extended test drive programs in the country and giving nearly 11,000 visitors to Orlando the opportunity to drive an electric vehicle every year.

With a larger EV fleet and more than 50 partners representing Orlando’s top tourism and community leaders—including Visit Orlando, Walt Disney Word, Universal Orlando Resort, and the Orange County Convention Center—the city of Orlando and Drive Electric Orlando hope to kick-start a new American transportation future that is cleaner, cheaper, and reduces our country’s dependence on oil.

“We know that the car rental experience is often an extended test drive, so we are committed to offering our customers exposure to the latest vehicle technologies,” said Nathan Prior, Director of Business Rental Sales for Enterprise in Orlando. “Growing our fleet of electric vehicles in Orlando marks the next level of our support for Drive Electric Orlando’s mission to promote the adoption of EVs.”

“Chevrolet is proud the Volt is participating in Drive Electric Orlando,” said Britta Gross, GM’s Director of Advanced Vehicle Commercialization Policy. “This hands-on approach of putting consumers in the driver’s seat of an electric car is a great way for many to experience the joy—and smart cost savings—of driving electric!”
The 30 Chevy Volts are now available for rent through Enterprise at the Orlando International Airport. The Volt runs on both electricity and gasoline, traveling about 40 miles on battery power alone before seamlessly switching to gas power for longer trips. With more than 300 places to “plug in” across the region, including more than 140 OUC public EV charging stations, visitors can go to and from area hotels and attractions without using a drop of gasoline. For those more distant trips, the Volt has a total combined range of 380 miles.

Drive Electric Orlando works with the City of Orlando, Orange County, travel companies, the major theme parks and over 35 hotels to provide charging infrastructure for EV renters, as well as benefits like free charging, parking, and other perks for business travelers and vacationers. The initiative is part of a broader effort to reduce oil demand in transportation and increase American economic and national security by promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. As part of the partnership, the Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition will help with outreach to its stakeholders, as well as collaborate with other Clean Cities Coalitions in U.S. markets that are key feeders for the Orlando tourism industry. The education and outreach efforts under this project are supported by an award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program.
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About Drive Electric Orlando
Drive Electric Orlando is a rental car initiative that puts vacationers and business travelers behind the wheel of America’s transportation future—plug-in electric cars. Through the collaboration of Orlando’s leading rental agencies, top hotels and major attractions, Drive Electric Orlando provides drivers an exciting and seamless rental experience.

About the Electrification Coalition
The Electrification Coalition is a nonpartisan, nonprofit group of business leaders committed to promoting policies and actions that reduce America’s dependence on oil by facilitating the deployment of electric vehicles on a mass scale. The members of the Electrification Coalition are leaders of companies representing the entire value chain of an electrified transportation system. For more information, visit

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