Monday, October 26, 2015

Four Seasons Introduces Complimentary Wi-Fi For Unlimited Devices

Four Seasons Introduces Complimentary Wi-Fi for Unlimited Devices
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Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts is shaking things up for all of its guests, announcing a series of Wi-Fi upgrades this week, including complimentary Internet service across a majority of the company's portfolio.
"We have introduced new global standards to give Four Seasons guests a seamless, convenient and higher quality internet experience, whether staying with us, using our mobile app or visiting the public areas of our hotels and resorts," Four Seasons' Senior Vice President of Rooms Scott Taber said in a statement.
On top of saving guests money by eliminating Wi-Fi fees, the new service will provide added convenience.
Guests will be able to connect to the Internet with one click regardless of where they are inside the hotel. That means no more hunting down logins and passwords. 
"In addition to free, faster Wi-Fi, with seamless, one-click service, guests no longer need multiple logins in different areas of the hotel, and they can access our Wi-Fi network with as many devices as they wish," added Taber.
Since guests can connect to Four Seasons' Wi-Fi on multiple devices, they'll have additional range when it comes to getting work done or simply connecting.
For example, guests won't have to rely on their data plan inside the lobby or at the hotel bar.
There is a limit to the free service, though, as guests requiring additional bandwidth for large file downloads and uploads, HD streaming, gaming and conferences will have to pay a fee to access Four Seasons' 20 MB premium service. 
For now, Four Seasons says the single click Wi-Fi connection is unavailable in China and India because of local regulations. The service also remains unavailable at Four Seasons properties in very remote locations due to limited bandwidth.

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