Qantas and Singapore Airlines say they are closely monitoring any safety risks after receiving warnings of long-range missile dangers for flights from Dubai to London.

The European Aviation Safety Agency issued an alert yesterday, advising all airlines that Russian warships had commenced firing missiles into Syria and that they could cross under passenger planes.
Before reaching Syria, these warships need to travel above the Caspian Sea, Iran and Iraq.
Qantas’ A380s currently flies over Iran twice daily from Dubai to London, however, it routinely flies at an altitude that’s thousands of feet higher than the missiles.
Qantas tails
A Qantas spokesperson said the carrier was monitoring the situation and any potential safety risks.
Singapore Airlines has also opted to continue flying over the Caspian Sea, despite previously diverting services to avoid the region.
The carrier said in a statement it had ‘resumed normal routings’. No explanation was given for its return to the Caspian Sea.
Meanwhile, Cathay Pacific has decided to cancel flights that travel over the highlighted destinations, saying it has a long-term policy not to fly over war-torn countries.
Cathay PAcific body
“In view of the situation in the region, Cathay Pacific suspended all flights over Iran and Caspian Sea since last Thursday until further notice.”
Cathay Pacific
Malaysia Airlines and Air France have also made changes to their flights.
The warning comes a day after the final MH17 report found that the incident could have been avoided if the airspace over Eastern Ukraine had been closed.
“There was sufficient reason to close airspace.”