Friday, November 27, 2015

HotelTonight Launches 'Tonight +1' Feature For Discounted Last-Minute Stays

HotelTonight Launches 'Tonight +1' Feature for Discounted Last-Minute Stays

Mobile hotel booking app HotelTonight has launched a brand new feature that will allow users to add a discounted night to their stay at the last minute with a few taps of their phone screen.
Tonight +1 will provide travelers with the option of adding another night to their stay at a significant discount in some cases.
The new feature will automatically activate at check-out for same-day, one-night bookings. Tonight +1 will display the second night's discounted rate and then it's up to the user to add the night. This way, in case the unexpected occurs, users can check out later without consequence.
Tonight +1 will also benefit participating hotels as it will allow them to fill unused rooms.
With holiday travel ramping up, the feature arrives just in time for travelers interested in extending their stays for potential Black Friday shopping and family-related events.
Even if guests don't utilize the extra night, they can sleep in past check-out without worry and take their time getting ready to hit the road.
"Our mission is to encourage spontaneity, and Tonight +1 helps us deliver on this in a new way by giving people the opportunity to extend their experiences while getting really great deals," HotelTonight Co-Founder and CEO Sam Shank said in a statement. "It's important that we continue to find unique ways to keep our customer experience fresh and to help our hotel partners preserve brand loyalty."
"With Tonight +1 we've done both, helping turn one-night guests into two-night guests and filling rooms while doubling down on spontaneity."
HotelTonight said users will find "significant discounts" on second nights this holiday season.

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