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Here Is The Latest News from Dresden, Germany: New Hotels, Venues & More

News from DresdenNew York, December 02, 2015
Celebrating together
Dresden was built like a stage. And the Dresden Zwinger, one of Germany’s most popular baroque building and model for Hollywood’s Cinderella’s Castle, was erected in 1719 for a wedding celebration. Therefore, Dresden’s focus in 2016 are the city’s numerous festivals and event highlights. Come, enjoy the glamourous side of Dresden during the whole annual festival season.

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Forever Young – Kreuz Choir
The Dresden Kreuz Choir is celebrating its 800th anniversary in 2016 with a Festival Week from April 15 to 24, 2016 and numerous concerts in Dresden and abroad. The choir is the oldest institution in Dresden’s rich musical history – in contrast, the singers of the famous boys’ choir always stay adolescent. The Staatskapelle Dresden (founded in 1548) is regarded as the orchestra with the longest permanent tradition. The heritage of the composers who worked and lived in Dresden, like Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Schütz, Richard Strauss, Weber and Wagner is being kept top of mind.

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Dresden’s New Heart and Bed
In October 2015, the Dresden Frauenkirche celebrated the10th anniversary since its reconsecration. The reconstruction of this monument of reconciliation was the beginning of the complete rebuilding of the Neumarkt area, which was bombed in 1945 and an empty space until 1990. Now it is the touristic and cultural heart of the city. In 2017, it will see the opening of the new concert hall of the Dresden Philharmonics in the Kulturpalast. Also some of the new hotel openings are located in the new historical heart of Dresden.

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Organic and Regional by Tradition
Dresden's companies uphold the principles of sustainable production and environmental protection. ‘Organic’ is more than just a current fad – it has a long tradition. This is where in the 18th century, Samuel Hahnemann started the homeopathic movement. In the 19th century, Dresden’s suburb Weisser Hirsch was a famous spa destination with new holistic methods. And nowadays, products “made in Dresden” satisfy health conscious customers.

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Dresden's New Cultural Projects
Dresden is currently in the midst of a construction boompoised to bring a new look to the Saxon state capital. Three huge cultural projects are now well underway at the Kraftwerk Mitte venue, the Kulturpalast and the Royal Palace.New baroque façades surrounding Dresden’s Neumarkt square, give the rebuilt Frauenkirche a befitting setting, and modern town houses are both contrasting history and future.

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