Monday, February 29, 2016

If Traveling To Brazil You Should Consider Personal Bodyguard Protection

Brazil Bodyguard Protection 

 Brazil Bodyguard Protection is offering top level, intelligence driven personal security for those wanting to travel with confidence.

All plans are customized to fit the unique needs of each individual client. This concierge style structure ensures that every client receives the same watertight security strategy, whether they’re die-hard sports fans, holidaying families or corporate executives. With the majority of Executive Security personnel trained by and recruited from military and police forces, Brazil Bodyguard Protection offers clients corps standard security. All operate under a strict code of conduct, and are part of a small demographic who may legally possess, carry and use firearms in Brazil.

While Latin America boasts some of the most beautiful scenery and cultures on the planet, it is also notorious as one of the world’s most dangerous destinations. The latest survey from Mexico City’s Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice revealed that 43 of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world are in Latin America, including 19 in Brazil. This reputation was reinforced during Brazil’s 2014 World Cup, which was marred by violence and petty crime. For those wanting to enjoy the Olympic Games with the total peace of mind that their back is covered at every corner, a personal bodyguard is a must.

As a holistic consultancy group, Brazil Bodyguard Protection offers clients a comprehensive range of services. As well as private bodyguards, the company also offers ground and air transportation, interpreters and guides. Guards are multilingual English and Portuguese speakers, which gives clients the ability to overcome any language barriers. It’s the convenience of a translator and the safety of private protection, rolled into one. For travelers wanting to immerse themselves in the local culture without having to worry about safety concerns, Brazil Bodyguard Protection is ideal. 

Silva adds, “Brazil and its neighboring Latin American countries are incredible places, but it would be naïve to romanticize the region as a destination that’s just as safe as its Western counterparts. Our service exists to help both private and corporate travelers experience everything the region has to offer, without the lingering shadow of safety concerns.”

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Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil Bodyguard Protection is a privately owned personal security consultancy operating across Brazil, and wider Latin America. The company offers its services to both private and corporate clients. As well as bodyguard protection, the company also offers interpretation, transportation and security-centric tour guide services. Clients and partners include media companies, business VIPs, celebrities and several close protection firms in UK and USA.

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