Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Real Health Benefits Behind Red Wine

In today's day-in-age, everyone is constantly looking for the next health fad which will help get them into the healthiest shape of their lives. While much easier said than done, there are always a few easy steps you can take to make slight improvements on your overall health

If dietary changes are your cup of tea, one of the best ones to partake in is the consumption of red wine.

Red wine has long been hailed as a healthy option, but what are the real benefits you are getting from that glass of your favorite beverage?

Heart Health

The most talked about benefits in regards to drinking red wine are the benefits your heart receives from a glass each night. Red wine possesses high amounts of resveratrol which has shown to remove the chemicals which can build up on the vein walls and cause blood clots. With a glass of red wine each night, you can cut down on your chance for coronary disease significantly.

The main ingredient for the benefits of red wine, according to studies, appears to be resveratrol. This chemical has been shown to lower bad cholesterol when the wine is consumed in moderation. The moderation typically refers to one glass a night, which is defined as five ounces of red wine.

Weight Loss

These days, the majority of people are trying to drop a few pounds wherever they can in an effort to get back to their "fighting weight." Fortunately, consuming a bit of red wine can have positive effects on your physical performance and well-being as it slightly mimics the effects exercise has on your cardiovascular system. While these effects are very minimal, the red wine can still be beneficial.

Lowers Risks for Cancers and Illnesses

While the studies and research on the benefits of preventing cancers are still in their early stages and not fully known, it seems as though red wine can indeed have an effect on preventing certain types of cancers. The most notable one being colon cancer.

Studies have also shown drinking red wine can help prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease as well with the positive effects from the resveratrol in the wine.

Dental Health

While brushing and flossing every day is crucial to keeping healthy teeth and fighting off bacteria, sometimes it isn't enough. One study was done by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, however, that drinking red wine can play a beneficial role in killing bacteria responsible for causing cavities.

Have you experienced personal benefits from drinking red wine on a regular basis? Share your story with us!


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