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Southern Brittany, A Unique Tourist Destination In France With Lorient Interceltic Festival From August 5th-14th

Southern Brittany, a unique tourist destination in France with Lorient Interceltic Festival
From 5th to 14th August 2016
Lorient Interceltic Festival:
An unforgettable experience
Lorient Interceltic Festival, The Grand Parade of Celtic Nations © Michel Renac
Lorient Interceltic Festival (LIF) is, first and foremost, a human adventure designed to encourage cultural exchange. The largest annual gathering of the Celtic countries (and France's biggest festival), over the years the LIF has transcended both national and continental borders. Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Ireland from the British Isles; Galicia and Asturias from Spain; the diasporas of Australia and Acadia… people from all of these nations make the journey each year to Lorient to celebrate, alongside the people of Brittany, their one unifying culture! From the 5th to the 14th of August 2016, lovers of the Celtic culture will gather on the roads of Lorient, moving to the rhythm of traditional music and dance.
The 46th edition will celebrates the colours, music and warm energy of Australia with artists such as Claymore, Archie Roach or Tommy Emmanuel. In addition to traditional events such as the Grand Parade of Celtic Nations or the Interceltic Nights, this edition also holds some new surprises with the concerts of The Corrs or Joan Baez.
The Lorient Interceltic Festival, it's over 750,000 festivalgoers, 4,500 artists, 10 days and 10 nights, over 1,200 volunteers, 120 shows, 11 stages and free entry to over 50% of shows.
Southern Brittany:
One of the favorite tourist destination in France
Brittany, and its Morbihan Gulf, are well-known for its wild beaches everywhere, from the Island of Groix to Quiberon or Belle-Île. But there is much more to Brittany than its beaches: the region has a strong cultural life. Lorient Interceltic Festival celebrates the Celtic roots that still lives in Brittany with its traditions, music, dance and language. The local history stretches back even further with the ancient standing stones of Carnac or the medieval citadelles such as Vannes. A perfect crêpe, sweet and savoury, a glass of cider and a delicious seafood dish will convince the finest gourmets. The longer you will discover Brittany, the more there seem to be to discover!



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