Monday, May 2, 2016

10 Great Flight Deals For 2016

 Summer is nearly here, which means that thanks to a strong dollar, cheaper fuel, and increased competition from discount airlines, we're seeing some of the lowest airfares in the past five years—and, as a result, no shortage of destinations to choose from. But don't just take our word for it: Travel deal website crunched the numbers, and found that the following ten destinations have seen more than a 25 percent drop in fares in the past year. Happy vacationing!

Chicago, Illinois

Why we love it: Airfare to Chicago-O'Hare is down 41 percent compared with last year, and the Windy City's hip hotels, hot tables, architecture, and musical offerings—June's Blues Festival, Labor Day's Jazz Festival—prove that this is no second city.


Why we love it: Fares to Southwest Florida International are down 35 percent, Orlando International and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International are both down 32 percent, and Miami International is down 25 percent, which means now is the perfect time to enjoy the sand and surf at the state's best beaches—or to check out the new Frozen and Star Wars attractions at Disney theme parks.

London, United Kingdom

Why we love it: With fares down 29 percent into London Gatwick and 33 percent into London Heathrow, hopping across the pond—and visiting one of the world's best food cities—is easier than ever. Think you can cross these 25 things off your London to-do list?

Sydney, Australia

Why we love it: Fares to Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport have dropped 33 percent, making our summer—and yes, their winter—an excellent time to visit Australia. The country will be less crowded, to be sure, which means you're more than likely to have those rock pools (and flat whites) all to yourself.

Costa Rica

Why we love it: Average flight prices to San José's Juan Santamaria International have declined 31 percent, resulting in an already affordable Central American escape becoming even more affordable. Bonus: The country has both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, which means there are sleepy surf towns aplenty.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Why we love it: Flights to this side of Hispaniola are down 31 percent from last year, which means that skeptics of the underrated Caribbean nation will soon turn into believers once they view its sparkling shores—or sip a frosty Presidente with a side of tostones.

New York City, New York

Why we love it: The Big Apple is expensive, sure, but flights to LaGuardia are down 31 percent compared with last year, translating to a relatively affordable summer in New York City. Once you're there, head to the city's best food neighborhood, or work your way through this list of things you absolutely, positively, have to do.

Atlanta, Georgia

Why we love it: This hot Southern capital is cool in all the right ways, and flights to its sprawling Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport have dropped 28 percent over the last year. Not sure where to eat, stay, or play? We've got you covered.

Los Angeles, California

Why we love it: Airfare to Los Angeles International has dropped considerably (by 27 percent), which means heading west is a good idea. Once in the California capital of cool, spend a weekend exploring the art scene, eating enchiladas con mole, and doing as the Angelenos do—yes, that means hiking.

Bangkok, Thailand

Why we love it: In recent years, Southeast Asia has become increasingly popular with American tourists, and lower airfares (down by 26 percent) will make it even more so. Dive into the capital by touring its waterways by boat, visiting one—or several—of its gleaming temples, and ordering street food like a pro.


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