Thursday, May 26, 2016

Due To TSA Delays Almost 7,000 People Missed Their Flights In One Recent Week On Just One Airline. When Your Luggage Is Headed On Its Way And You Are Not, You Should Consider HomingPIN Tracking And Recovery System.

HomingPin Luggage Recovery Double Pack (Includes 6 Loops, 12 Large Stickers, 12 Small Stickers and 2 Keyring Adaptors): Image 11

Recent news reports have highlighted serious problems with security screening at major U.S. airports with record amounts of people missing flights, almost 7,000 people missing their American Airlines flights in just one recent week. What you may not know is airlines mishandle over 20 million bags a year and it can take up to a week or more to match bags to their owners, causing major disruptions in pleasure and business travel. An affordable solution is HomingPIN, a tracking and recovering system for luggage and valuables already integrated into 2,800 worldwide airports.

Homing PIN tags and labels are designed to attach to bags and valuables including cellphones, passports, cameras and laptops; using tracking via a unique code linked to the owner's contact details. If a valuable is lost, misplaced, or stolen;  the owner can just go to the HomingPIN website or app to start the recovery process.

For more details and how to buy please visit: Www.HomingPIN.Com/Buy

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