Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Travelers Inquire About Travel Insurance Coverage In Response To The Failed Coup In Turkey And Terror Attacks.

The leading travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip has an
 increase in calls of travelers concerned about future travel plans
 and inquiring about their travel insurance coverage. The
 inquiries come only days after a failed coup occurred in Turkey
 and a subsequent
 FAA ban on United States air travel directly to and from the nation.
"The situation in Turkey highlights the variations between travel
 insurance plans. Every plan is different, making it challenging to
 produce a blanket response to the situation in Turkey," said
 InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace. "It's important that travelers
 review their travel insurance coverage and call us to best
 understand their plan and how they operate in these circumstances."
The political unrest in Turkey, as well as terrorist events across Europe in recent weeks, will affect
 travelers differently depending on the time being spent in the nation as well as the type of travel
 insurance coverage they have.
Coverage is available for insured travelers already overseas.
Every travel insurance plan offers different benefits and coverages. InsureMyTrip compares hundreds
 of plans from 28 top providers in the industry, but all offer varying level of coverage for political
 unrest and terrorism.
For travelers overseas already, they should be particularly interested in any coverage that would
 allow them to return home before their anticipated return date or coverage for flight change fees,
 if affected by the FAA air travel ban.
Travelers with questions can contact InsureMyTrip through the international customer care line,
 at 00 1-401-773-9330.
Coverage may be available for future travelers who already have a travel insurance plan.
Travelers who have a pending departure date should be most interested in travel delay coverage,
 trip cancellation coverage and travel medical coverage while abroad.
The licensed travel insurance representatives at InsureMyTrip report an increase of travelers calling
 to inquire about their travel insurance plan in regards to a future trip to Turkey.  Many are interested
 in whether their plan covers trip cancellation.
Travel insurance coverage is not the same for every plan or provider. Any future traveler who has
 questions on their travel insurance plan,whether they purchased their plan from InsureMyTrip or not,
 should call InsureMyTrip licensed representatives to answer any and all questions. The toll-free
 number is 800-487-4722.
Coverage very limited for travelers who do not yet have a travel insurance plan.
Purchasing a travel insurance plan now for a trip to Turkey, or any location with a recent terrorism
 event, will yield very limited coverage. Most travel insurance plans will only cover terrorism and
 political unrest in cases of unforeseen events.
Purchasing a plan now can be beneficial for travelers' needing trip cancellation, travel delay or trip
 interruption coverage due to for any covered reason unrelated to the previous event.  It would
 still allow travelers benefits due to covered reasons of baggage loss, delay or damage; emergency
 medical care; and emergency medical evacuation.
Safety while traveling is a concern.
Every traveler should be vigilant while traveling abroad, no matter the destination. The
 U.S. State Department lists tips for all travelers:
  • Avoid travel to southeastern Turkey, particularly near the Syrian border.  
  • Stay away from large crowds, including at popular tourist destinations. 
  • Exercise heightened vigilance and caution when visiting public access areas
  • , especially those heavily frequented by tourists.  
  • Stay away from political gatherings and rallies.
  • Follow the instructions of local authorities in an emergency. 
  • Stay at hotels with identifiable security measures in place.
  • Monitor local media.
These uncertain times heighten the need for adding Cancel for Any Reason coverage to a travel 
insurance plan. This coverage will typically cost the traveler an added premium, but provides a
 level of comfort that a trip can be canceled whether or not a terrorist event or political unrest is
 listed as a covered reason on the plan. 
Cancel for Any Reason is a time-sensitive benefit, not available with every plan, and must be
 purchased within a certain window of purchasing travel.
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