Thursday, August 25, 2016

Emirates, Cathay, Qatar, & Qantas: The Worst In Air Passenger Fee Abuse

Excess baggage fees, an all familiar situation for many airline passenger. Frequent travelers often ask if some airlines are simply in the business to scare away clients.
The worst airlines when it comes extorting baggage fees is Dubai based Emirates, Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and Australia based Qantas Airline. The most ethical and reasonable airline is Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways. Of course there are many in between the the best and the worst, and fees may be very different depending on markets, currencies and routes.
It however may pay off big time connecting in Abu Dhabi instead of Dubai or Doha when flying from London to Australia and having two suitcases to check.
Baggage fees, charges to pick your seat, paying to get on or off the plane first, these pocket picking tactics are now commonplace with low-costs airlines. But Send My Bag has found it’s not just budget airlines that are making a killing from fees. Many long-haul flight operators are raking in the cash at the expense of passengers who need to check a second bag.
Unless you are forking out for business or first-class tickets, you will typically receive an allowance of one checked bag weighing up to 23kgs. But, if you are going on a long-haul flight, chances are you will be staying at your destination for an extended period of time. And, indeed, you could be relocating there or moving there to work or study. For such purposes, 1 bag is just not enough.
Of course, you can purchase a second bag to help transport your belongings. But, the cost of that second bag can be alarmingly high. As the table below shows, the cost of pre-booking a second checked bag can run to over £1000!
Emirates and Cathay Pacific top our list of the five highest second-bag charges. If booking a flight on their most basic fare, you could pay up to £1193 and £1058, respectively, in order to pre-book a second 23kg bag. Qatar Airways and Qantas do little better, charging £966 and £810 for an additional 23 kg. Number five on our list seems cheap in comparison – Etihad ‘only’ charges £92 for an extra 23 kg.
Here are some examples according to Send My Bag:
Fee for second 23kg bag
1. Emirates: London - Melbourne
£1193 for 25 kg (baggage only available in certain increments)
2. Cathay Pacific London - Dubai
£1058 for 23 kg (£46* per additional kg)
3.Qatar Airways: London - Tokyo
£966 for 23 kg (£42** per additional kg)
4.Qantas: London - Melbourne
£810 for 25 kg (£162*** per additional 5 kg)
5.Etihad Airways: London – Abu Dhabi
£92 **** for 23 kg

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