Thursday, August 25, 2016

Travelore News: Cuenca Airport In Ecuador Closed Until September 5th

Cuenca airport in Ecuador closed until September 5: What's now?

The Mariscal La Mar Airport from Cuenca will remain closed until September 19, 2016, due to changes in the asphalt layer on the landing strip, according to Cuenca Airport Corporation (CORPAC)
Mariscal Lamar International Airport is an airport serving Cuenca, a city in the province of Azuay in Ecuador.
During this period, the National Traffic Agency will be offering buses transportation from Cuenca airport to Guayaquil at Bahia del Norte, and to Quito at Parque Bicentenario.
The shuttle frequencies to Guayaquil will be 14, departing in different hours from 14h00 to 10h30, and to Quito will be 26 frequencies departing from 00h00 to 23h30. It is important to mention that the buses will not have any stop during the ground journey.
On the other hand, TAME airlines has announced that those passengers that have purchased their air tickets to/from Cuenca will be able to change their flight or date (same origin and destiny) up to 15 days after the opening of Cuenca airport, or it can be changed at TAME offices to another airport such as Guayaquil, Loja and El Oro, without any penalty or changes in rates.

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