Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why You Should Always Book a Cruise on Thursdays

CruiseWatch - price drops / Cruise Price Drops by day of week. Data provided by (PRNewsFoto/

A study by, a search engine for cruise price drop, finds discounts highest on Thursdays
 You might want to consider what day of the week to search for cruises, says, a search
 engine for cruise price drop. According to an elaborate study that took into consideration more than
 600,000 data points, cruise prices drop lowest in the middle of the week with Thursday seeing most discounts.

"Cruise prices fluctuate with demand and supply," says Britta Bernhard, a cruise enthusiast and cofounder
 of "Most people do not realize that they can save massive amounts of money by
 booking at the right time."

The search engine analyzed more than 600,000 cruise price reductions during the last years. According
 to the data, there were more than twice as much price drops on Thursdays than on the slowest day, Sunday.
"When a sailing is not sold out, most cruise lines will discount the cabins rather than sailing empty.
 These price drops can make for some incredible deals. But you need to find them and book
 quickly," explains Britta.

Price Hikes on Wednesdays, Calm on SundaysWednesday seems to be the day of price hikes. It is by far the single day with the most price increases
 for cruises. Thirty-four percent more price hikes happen on a Wednesday than any other day of the
 week. Weekends, on the other hand, are generally quiet. There are significantly less price drops o
r price hikes happening on Saturdays and Sundays, with Sunday being the quietest day.

The search engine is offering a free price drop monitoring website that utilizes big
 data and machine learning to help customers find the perfect time to book their cruise. Users can
 get notified automatically when prices are reduced or when good deals are coming up. "Cruise lines
 invest massive amounts of resources into revenue optimization. We are leveling the playing field
 and offering consumers up-to-date technology to make the right decisions," says the cofounder.

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