Friday, October 28, 2016

Travel Tip: Can TSA PreCheck Keep Up With Demand?


Image Credit: @tsa on Instagram
Image Credit: @tsa on Instagram
Just a few months ago, the security lines at many U.S. airports were long and unmanageable.
Staffing shortages and bad scheduling on the part of the TSA combined to create a chaotic and stressful situation.
The TSA promised to make changes, and at some airports, they actually have made progress.
But the problems remain.
With nearly 15,000 people a day signing up for TSA’s PreCheck—a program designed to streamline the security check process for trusted travelers—the lines are once again long.
At many airports, the TSA continues to close the PreCheck lines at peak periods.
So, before you apply for PreCheck, ask yourself this: Why pay money for a service that is not consistently being provided or executed?
If you have applied and received PreCheck, then let your elected representatives know you need their help to not just move the lines, but to open them.
For more information about TSA PreCheck, check out:

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