Friday, April 14, 2017

Rome Court Unblocks Uber Services In Italy

A Rome court on Friday suspended a lower court ruling that had blocked the use of smart phone apps for Uber cars in Italy.
Uber has been banned in Italy after a lower court ruled that it represents unfair competition for traditional taxis.
The court said Uber could not use its apps in the country and could not promote or advertise its services, following legal action brought by Italy’s traditional taxi unions.
Italian taxi drivers have staged a number of strikes, protesting against Uber’s presence in the country. They say the US ride-hailing service has an unfair advantage because, unlike normal taxi drivers, its drivers can purchase licenses in small towns where they cost less, and use them to work in cities.
Italy’s two main consumer groups, Codacons and UNC, welcomed the latest ruling, saying it gave people more choice.

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