Thursday, April 20, 2017

When Having Sleep Problems At Home And While Traveling, A Recommended Solution Is The Illumy Sleep Mask By Sound Oasis


 ILLUMY™ is a comfortable and lightweight sleep mask that helps you fall asleep with gently dimming light and wake up in the morning with an invigorating sunrise, most helpful to us on 
long airline flights. 


ILLUMY™’s red light sunset tells your mind and body it is time to sleep. After the sunset has dimmed, ILLUMY™ blocks out all external light to ensure you have a restful and uninterrupted sleep.


ILLUMY™’s blue and white light sunrise tells your mind and body that morning has arrived. Research has shown that blue light immediately improves alertness and helps to eliminate sleep inertia. Overcome the dragging feeling in the morning and get a boost from a sunrise mask inspired by nature.

Sleep Enhance

Do you have a racing or overactive mind when you go to bed and all you want is sleep? You’re not alone. That’s why we implemented our Sleep Enhance pacing technology which helps to guide your mind to a calm and relaxing state. Sound Oasis has used pacing in our sound machines for many years and we’re excited to introduce this effective technique in a sleep mask for the first time.

How does it work?

When you are lying in bed and your mind is racing, it is generating and operating on fast moving beta waves. Sleep researchers have measured this effect and shown that an overactive mind displays increases beta wave activity and reduced delta wave activity. When you are falling asleep, slow delta wave activity increases and beta wave activity is less prominent. To help you fall asleep and relax, ILLUMY™ Sleep Enhance gently pulses the sunset lights. As the sunset dims, the pulsing slows down from an alpha state (associated with relaxation) to a delta wave pace to gradually coax your mind into sleep.
Sleep Enhance also helps you wake up in the morning using the same technique. Before your alarm time, the blue sunrise slowly pulses and quickens to help guide you from delta sleep into alpha relaxation to prepare you to wake up. As the blue light gets brighter and the pacing quickens, you start to overcome that sleep inertia that can be so stubborn. By your alarm time, you are already feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything the day can throw at you.
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