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July 2017 At The Philadelphia Art Museum

Philadelphia Museum of Art
July Newsletter
“Why Wildlife Photography Matters in a Post-Truth Era” – TIME
Wild: Michael Nichols
Through September 17
Explore the work of legendary photographer Michael Nichols, artist, technical innovator, and ardent advocate for preserving natural habitats. Be transported through the split-second magic of images captured in some of the most remote areas of the world. Nichols’s stunning photographs offer intense confrontations with the power and fragility of the wild and a reflection of our own humanity.
A Summer of Creative Play for the Whole Family
Art Splash Gets Wild
Through September 4
Find your inner animal at the Museum. Journey through the wild at Art Splash, where kids and their grown-ups can experience daily gallery explorations, studio art creations, and imaginative play inspired by the wildlife photographs of Michael Nichols.
Special Guest Lecture
Jane Goodall
September 16, 2:00–3:00 p.m.
Join the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees as she reflects on her work advocating for animal welfare and conservation.
The Kiss
Rodin Museum
Pay What You Wish
Discover what passion looks like in the hands of a master sculptor. 2017 is the one hundredth anniversary of Auguste Rodin’s death and the Museum is taking part in worldwide celebrations of the artist’s work and legacy.
Your Chance to Win
Entry Deadline: July 28
Win a WICKED & WILD Weekend inspired by our exhibition Wild: Michael Nichols and the Broadway musical Wicked, which is coming to Philadelphia’s Academy of Music this summer.
Celebrate Independence Day
Pay What You Wish Admission
July 2 and 3
The Museum is Pay What You Wish the first Sunday of every month, but this July we’re doubling the fun. We’ll be open both Sunday, July 2, and Monday, July 3, with Pay What You Wish admission. Spend part of your 4th of July weekend with us. (We’re closed Tuesday, July 4.)
See a full calendar of What's On this season.

Please note:
• We will be open Monday, July 3, and admission will be Pay What You Wish. The Museum will be closed Tuesday, July 4.
• Granite Hill restaurant and the Cafeteria are currently closed.
Enjoy a casual grab-and-go lunch in our temporary Museum Café (members save 10%) or, for more dining options in the area, ask at any Visitor Services desk when you visit. Learn more about our exciting plans for the future, including new dining spaces.
2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19101

For more information on the exhibitions and programs listed here, including generous donors and organizers, please visit
Northern Spotted Owl in Young Redwood Forest, California (detail), 2008, by Michael Nichols (Courtesy of the artist) © Michael Nichols/National Geographic. Jane with Jou Jou, Brazzaville Zoo, Republic of the Congo (detail), 1990, by Michael Nichols (Courtesy of the artist) © Michael Nichols/National Geographic. Copy of Rodin's "The Kiss" (detail), carved in marble 1929 by Henri Gréber,  after Auguste Rodin (Bequest of Jules E. Mastbaum, F1929-7-62). 

Rental Car Insurance: 2017’s Best Credit Card Coverage


When most people think of credit-card perks, their minds turn to rewards, low interest rates and convenience. But credit cards have a number of other basic benefits that help cardholders save money and avoid hassle. Rental car insurance is a great example.
Policies generally cover cardholders in the event of damage to or theft of a rental car. But you have to decline a rental company’s supplemental insurance policy for it to work. So you need to know that this perk exists, for starters, and what kind of coverage your credit card provides to take advantage of it.
Credit card rental car insurance policies are mostly driven by the card networks: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. But individual credit card companies determine the specifics of the coverage that customers receive.
So to help you maximize your savings and security, WalletHub compared each major credit card company’s rental car insurance policy. Based on this analysis, we then selected the best credit cards for rental car insurance, out of 52 total offers. You can find the results below.

2017’s Best Credit Cards for Rental Car Insurance

RankCard(s)WalletHub Score
1All Citi Cards95.50%
2All Chase Cards91.00%
3All Barclaycard Cards88.50%

Main Findings

Best Issuer: Citi credit cards have the most favorable rental car insurance policies.

All Citi CardsAll Chase CardsAll Barclaycard C…All USAA CardsAll Capital One W…All Wells Fargo Vi…All Capital One Vi…All American Expr…All U.S. Bank Am…All Discover CardsAll U.S. Bank Visa…All Wells Fargo A…USAA Rate Adva…All Capital One Pl…Bank of America…Bank of America…0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Overall WalletHub Score
All Citi Cards95.5%
All Chase Cards91%
All Barclaycard Cards88.5%
All USAA Cards88.5%
All Capital One World Elite Mastercard cards88.5%
All Wells Fargo Visa cards87.5%
All Capital One Visa cards87.5%
All American Express Cards84.5%
All U.S. Bank American Express cards84%
All Discover Cards83%
All U.S. Bank Visa cards82%
All Wells Fargo American Express cards81.5%
USAA Rate Advantage Platinum Visa80.5%
All Capital One Platinum Mastercard cards80.5%
Bank of America Visa Cards79%
Bank of America BankAmericard76%
Avoid Renting: A truck, open-bed vehicle, exotic/antique car, large van or full-size SUV if you want credit-card coverage, as many cards exclude them.

All Citi CardsAll Bank of Ameri…Bank of America…All Chase CardsAll Barclaycard C…All USAA CardsUSAA Rate Adva…All Wells Fargo Vi…All Wells Fargo A…All Capital One Vi…All Capital One W…All Capital One Pl…All U.S. Bank Am…All U.S. Bank Visa…All Discover CardsAll American Expr…0%2%4%6%8%10%12%14%16%18%20%WalletHub Vehicles ExcludedScore
All Citi Cards20%
All Bank of America Visa Cards15%
Bank of America BankAmericard15%
All Chase Cards15%
All Barclaycard Cards15%
All USAA Cards15%
USAA Rate Advantage Platinum Visa15%
All Wells Fargo Visa cards15%
All Wells Fargo American Express cards15%
All Capital One Visa cards15%
All Capital One World Elite Mastercard cards15%
All Capital One Platinum Mastercard cards15%
All U.S. Bank American Express cards15%
All U.S. Bank Visa cards15%
All Discover Cards15%
All American Express Cards10%
*Perfect Score = 20%, American Express are the only cards that exclude full-size SUVs, please see methodology for scoring.
Coverage Duration: Almost 39% of cards only cover domestic rentals for up to 15 days.

15 days15 days within countryof residence or 31 daysoutside it30+ days7.7%30.8%61.5%
Days CoveredPercentages
15 days0.077
15 days within country of residence or 31 days outside it0.308
30+ days0.615
Road Conditions: There’s only a 17% chance you’ll get penalized for driving on a dirt/gravel road, but it’s still best to stick to the pavement.

Dirt And Gravel RoadsIncludedDirt And Gravel RoadsNot Included17.3%82.7%
Road Type Inclusion PolicyPercentages
Dirt And Gravel Roads Included0.827
Dirt And Gravel Roads Not Included0.173
Country Coverage: All Citi, Chase and Discover cards provide global coverage. Ireland, Israel and Jamaica are the most common exclusions among other issuers.

No Exclusions4 Countries Excluded6 Countries Excluded36.5%25%38.5%
Country ExclusionsPercentages
No Exclusions0.365
4 Countries Excluded0.385
6 Countries Excluded0.25
Tire & Rim Damage: More than 57% of cards do not cover all rim/tire damage.

Always CoveredPartially Covered42.3%57.7%
Country ExclusionsPercentages
Always Covered0.423
Partially Covered0.577
Loss-Of-Use Losses: Nearly 8% of cards will not reimburse you for loss of use, which can cost upward of $100.

Always CoveredNot Covered7.7%92.3%
Loss-Of-Use PolicyPercentages
Always Covered0.923
Not Covered0.077

The Coverage You Can Expect

Example of a Standard PolicyBest Policy
Sign-UpNone required, but you must decline the rental company’s supplemental coverageNone required, but you must decline the rental company’s supplemental coverage
Type Of CoverageCovers costs stemming from damage to or theft of rental vehiclesCovers costs stemming from damage to or theft of rental vehicles
Coverage AmountThe cost of repairs, the vehicle’s book value or the vehicle’s purchase price, whichever is lower.Up to $100,000
Maximum Coverage Duration30 days31 days
Vehicle ExclusionsCertain popular SUVs and antique, exotic or luxury vehicles, vans, trucks, pick-ups, motorcycles, recreational or off-road vehiclesOff-road vehicles
Type-Of-Road ExclusionsAccidents occurring on dirt and gravel roads are coveredAccidents occurring on dirt and gravel roads are covered
Country ExclusionsAustralia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, and New ZealandNone
Loss Of Use & Personal Insurance DeductibleBoth CoveredBoth Covered
Towing CostsCoveredCovered
Tire & Rim DamageCovers damage as a result of theft, vandalism or vehicle collisionCovers damage as a result of theft, vandalism or vehicle collision
Claims Process & LimitsCall card issuer’s benefits administrator; no claims limitCall card issuer’s benefits administrator; no claims limit
Full Policy DetailsAmerican Express Rental Collision PolicyCiti Rental Collision Policy
Business credit cards seem to offer similar benefits. However, business cards seem to have policy details slightly enhanced (e.g. covering 31 days instead of 15 days rentals) and a few cards even offer the policy as primary coverage instead of secondary.

How To File A Claim

IssuerPhone NumberOnline Support
Best Vday Cards American ExpressU.S: 1-800-338-1670 
Outside U.S : 1-216-617-2500
bank-of-americaU.S : 1-800-592-4089 
Outside U.S : 1-804-673-1468
Best Vday Cards BraclaycardU.S : 1-800-348-8472 
Outside U.S : 1-804-673-1164
Best Vday Cards Capital OneU.S : 1-800-348-8472 
Outside U.S : 1-804-673-1164
Here For Visa
Best Vday Cards ChaseSapphire Preferred: 1-888-320-9961 
Freedom: 1-888-320-9656 
Slate: 1-877-445-4153
Best Vday Cards Discover1-800-347-0213N/A
us_bank_correctcolorsU.S : 1-800-348-8472 
Outside U.S : 1-804-673-1164
EMV USAAVisa: 1-866-200-9866 
American Express: 1-888-884-6643
Here For Visa
Best Vday Cards Wells FargoVisa - U.S : 1-800-348-8472 
Visa - Outside U.S : 1-804-673-1164 
American Express: 1-855-830-3727
Here For Visa

8 Money-Saving Car Rental Tips

We recommend taking the following steps to minimize the cost and liability associated with renting a car. Be safe out there!
  1. Call your insurance company to see if rentals are covered under your standard policy. Older policies may not offer this coverage.
  2. Call your credit card company to ask if any limitations apply to your card’s coverage, relative to your rental plans.
  3. Double-check with long-term rentals. They might not be covered by your auto insurance policy, due to time limits.
  4. Decide whether to mix business with pleasure. Your personal auto policy – if it even covers rentals – only applies when the vehicle is used for personal use. So if you’re traveling for business check what other options are available for you.
  5. Get a rental like your everyday ride. Your personal auto insurance is more likely to cover your rental if you get a vehicle of similar value to your own car.
  6. Ask about adding an insurance rider (for a small fee) if your policy doesn’t cover a certain type of rental car.
  7. Consider a non-owner auto insurance policy if you don’t have a car but drive from time to time.
  8. Make a plan before you hit the rental counter. You may want to accept a rental company’s liability insurance and collision damage waiver if you don’t have personal auto insurance and your credit card won’t give you enough coverage. In any case, you want to make an informed decision, not one based on panic at check-out.

Detailed Findings

Credit-card rental car insurance policies were previously evaluated at the network level, but we decided to examine coverage at the card level in 2016 after discovering discrepancies among offers on the same network and/or issued by the same company. Where no policy differences existed, cards were grouped by issuer or network for the sake of simplicity.
Personal Credit Cards
CardsTotal ScoreVehicles ExcludedClarity on ExclusionsCoverage DurationType of Road ExclusionsCountry ExclusionsLoss of use and deductible on your auto insuranceTowingDamage to tires and rimsActivationClaims ProcessInfo Accessibility
Max Score100.00%20.00%5.00%15.00%5.00%5.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%10.00%
All Citi Cards95.50%20.00%5.00%15.00%5.00%5.00%20.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%3.00%10.00%
All Chase Cards91.00%15.00%2.50%15.00%5.00%5.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%8.50%
All Barclaycard Cards88.50%15.00%5.00%12.00%5.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%8.50%
All USAA Cards88.50%15.00%5.00%15.00%3.00%5.00%20.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%3.00%10.00%
All Capital One World Elite Mastercard cards88.50%15.00%5.00%15.00%3.00%5.00%20.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%3.00%10.00%
All Wells Fargo Visa cards87.50%15.00%2.50%12.00%5.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%10.00%
All Capital One Visa cards87.50%15.00%2.50%12.00%5.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%10.00%
All American Express Cards84.50%10.00%5.00%15.00%5.00%2.00%20.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%5.00%10.00%
All U.S. Bank American Express cards84.00%15.00%5.00%15.00%5.00%2.00%20.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%5.00%4.50%
All Discover Cards83.00%15.00%5.00%15.00%5.00%5.00%12.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%5.00%8.50%
All U.S. Bank Visa cards82.00%15.00%2.50%12.00%5.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%4.50%
All Wells Fargo American Express cards81.50%15.00%5.00%15.00%5.00%2.00%12.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%5.00%10.00%
USAA Rate Advantage Platinum Visa80.50%15.00%5.00%9.00%3.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%3.00%10.00%
All Capital One Platinum Mastercard cards80.50%15.00%5.00%9.00%3.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%3.00%10.00%
Bank of America Visa Cards79.00%15.00%2.50%12.00%5.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%3.00%3.50%
Bank of America BankAmericard76.00%15.00%2.50%9.00%5.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%3.00%3.50%
Business Credit Cards
CardsTotal ScoreVehicles ExcludedClarity on ExclusionsCoverage DurationType of Road ExclusionsCountry ExclusionsLoss of use and deductible on your auto insuranceTowingDamage to tires and rimsActivationClaims ProcessInfo Accessibility
Max Score100.00%20.00%5.00%15.00%5.00%5.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%10.00%
All Chase Business Cards91.00%15.00%2.50%15.00%5.00%5.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%8.50%
All Capital One Business Cards90.50%15.00%2.50%15.00%5.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%10.00%
All Wells Fargo Business Cards87.50%15.00%2.50%12.00%5.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%10.00%
All U.S. Bank Business Visa Cards85.00%15.00%2.50%15.00%5.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%4.50%
All Bank of America Business Visa Cards84.00%15.00%2.50%15.00%5.00%3.00%20.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%3.50%
U.S. Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard83.00%15.00%5.00%15.00%3.00%5.00%20.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%3.00%4.50%
All American Express Business Cards82.50%10.00%5.00%15.00%5.00%0.00%20.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%5.00%10.00%
All Bank of America Business Mastercard's82.00%15.00%5.00%15.00%3.00%5.00%20.00%5.00%2.50%5.00%3.00%3.50%


WalletHub reviewed the publicly available online car rental policies of all the credit cards currently being offered by the 10 largest issuers, excluding student and co-branded offers, and collected the information needed to answer the following questions: 1) What vehicles are excluded?; 2) What other exclusions do the policies have?; 3) What is the quality of the coverage?; 4) How does one activate the benefit?; 5) How should claims be filed?; and 6) How easy it is to obtain complete policy information?
Where policies were unclear, we contacted the issuers directly and requested clarification. All issuers responded to our questions and confirmed the accuracy of our data.
Each card’s policy was scored using the following criteria:
1) What vehicles are excluded? – Worth 25% total
A. Vehicles excluded – Worth 20%
  • If no exclusions apply - 20%
  • If regular exclusions apply (i.e. exotic, expensive, or antique cars; trucks; vehicles with open beds; and large vans) - 15%
  • If SUVs are not covered - 10%
  • If there is a large number of exclusions - No points
B. Clarity on exclusions – Worth 5%
  • If a full definition of excluded cars is provided (i.e. value and characteristics) - 5%
  • If a partial definitions of excluded cars is provided (i.e. just value or just characteristics) - 2.5%
  • If no description of excluded cars is provided - No points
2) What exclusions do the policies have? – Worth 25% Total
A. Coverage Duration – Worth 15%
  • If the coverage duration is for 30 days and above - 15%
  • If the coverage duration is between 20 - 29 days - 12%
  • If the coverage duration is between 19 - 10 days - 9%
  • If the coverage duration is between 10 - 5 days - 3%
  • If the coverage duration is under 5 days - No points
  • *If a card provides 2 types of coverage, we averaged the 2
B. Road Type Exclusions – Worth 5%
  • If Dirt and gravel roads are covered - 5%
  • If Dirt and gravel roads are partially covered - 3%
  • If Dirt and Gravel roads are not covered - No points
C. Country Exclusions – Worth 5%
  • No country excluded - 5%
  • Up to 2 countries excluded - 4%
  • Up to 4 countries excluded - 3%
  • Up to 6 countries excluded - 2%
  • Up to 8 countries excluded - 1%
  • Over 8 countries excluded - No points
3) What is the quality of the coverage? – Worth 30% Total
A. Loss Of Use and Deductible on Your Auto Insurance – Worth 20%
  • If loss of use is covered - 20%
  • If the deductible portion on your auto insurance policy is covered - 12%
  • If the deductible from your auto insurance and loss of use not covered - No points
B. Towing Expenses – Worth 5%
  • If towing is covered - 5%
  • If towing is not covered - No points
C. Damage to tires and rims – Worth 5%
  • If damage to tires and rims is always covered - 5%
  • If damage to tires and rims is covered only when the result of theft, vandalism or vehicle collision - 2.5%
  • If damage to tires and rims is not covered - No points
4) How does one activate the benefit? – Worth 5%
  • If activation is standard (cardholders charge the entire rental car purchase on their credit card and decline supplemental insurance/Collision Damage Waivers (CDW) offered by the rental company) - 5%
  • If activation is more complex than the standard - No points
5) How should claims be filed? – Worth 5%
  • If filing a claim requires standard documentation ( i.e. a copy of the accident, a signed claim form, a rental agreement, an itemized bill and a receipt or statement showing to which card the rental was charged to) - 5%
  • If claims require up to 2 documents on top of the standard documentation - 3%
  • If claims require 3 or more documents on top of on top of the additional documentation - No points
6) How easy it is to obtain complete information about the policy? – Worth 10%
A. How easily can one find the info? - Worth 3%
  • Information is prominent within card landing page - 3%
  • Information is not prominent within card landing page; or it is prominent but users need to log in to see the full disclosure - 1.5%
  • Information cannot be easily found on website - No points
B. How easy it is to read the info? - Worth 1%
  • Information is presented in normal size font - 1%
  • Information is in small size font - No points
C. How complete are the policies provided? - Worth 4%
  • Full policy provided - 4%
  • Part of policy provided - 2%
  • Benefits briefly described - 0.5%
  • No key details provided - No points
D. How open and transparent are issuers about the policies? - Worth 2%
  • Transparent about policies - 2%
  • Not transparent about policies - No points
The card with the most accumulated points received the highest score. The maximum number of points is 100%.
By Alina Comoreanu, Senior Researcher