Friday, November 4, 2011

Cafette, A Hidden Dining Gem In Chestnut Hill Philadelphia

This is one of my promised updates on Chestnut Hill, leading to our detailed feature in print in the Spring...One of the better neighborhood dining spots in Chestnut Hill is a BYOB called Cafette, hidden on a quiet block, and best known for their outdoor garden and eclectic dining options. My recent visit for my birthday dinner started with a wonderful spicy vegan black bean soup. Unfortunately my main course, Sole stuffed with crab meat, was dry.  Considering on a past visit I had a wonderful moist Talapia with capers, one of the best preparations  in memory, the dry Sole was disappointing. Also while there is a warmth and relaxed comfort in the small dining room we were seated in with burgundy walls, the service can be a lot more attentive. My date made a point that it was my birthday to our server but was no recognition, our wine bottle was opened but not poured, a corkage fee is charged but only plain glasses are offered, and coffee refills were not offered. On the bright side our dessert was a wonderful piece of lemon curd cake-little did I know that my dinner date has a preference for lemon, even over chocolate :-)
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