Saturday, December 3, 2011

A New Web Site Tells You What Prices To Expect In 130 Countries: MyTravelCost.Com

When planning extended travels one of the hardest things to predict in countries around the world is the changing cost of living. A new web site, , compiles data from international organizations and national governments about prices in 130 countries. Included information is cost of fuel, different types of lodging, different types of restaurants, transportation, groceries, and alcohol. Links are also provided for factual information about destinations, world currency rates, and comparative hotel booking sites. 

The current most expensive destination in Europe is Switzerland where prices can be 200% over those of the U.S. and 60% higher than in the U.K. One can expect to pay 20-30% more over U.S. rates in the most established European destinations such as France, Italy, and Spain. While fuel has always been expensive in Europe, Greece is currently at almost $9 a gallon.  

If you use this site please report back to this blog with your results.

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