Monday, March 17, 2014

Travelore Tips: The Best Value Destinations In The Caribbean Now.

Apparently we're not the only ones totally sick of this winter.
TripAdvisor has examined the cheapest (and most expensive) destinations in the Caribbean between now and April 30, breaking costs down by average airfare, hotel rates, meals and snorkel trips (because that's a common enough activity in the Caribbean) for a group or family of four. The most expensive spots are hardly shocking--St. Barts comes in at a whopping $12,485.76 while Barbados costs about $6,710.30--and you're more likely to find bargains of sorts in U.S. Territories or independently-governed islands vs French, Dutch or U.K. territories.
So if you're looking to getaway someplace oh-so-warm-and-blue, here are the 10 islands you should be checking out now.

Average cost: $4,630.79
montego bay
Trinidad and Tobago
Average cost: $4,771.00
trinidad and tobago
Dominican Republic
Average cost: $5,315.19
dominican republic

St Maarten-St Martin

Average cost: $5,565.71
st maarten
Average cost: $5,815.49
bahamas beach
Average cost: $5,832.51
bahamas beach
Average cost: $6,064.30
Average cost: $6,260.07
Average cost: $6,622.38
grenada caribbean

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